The Algorand Foundation Announces Partnership with ICON

The Algorand Foundation recently announced a partnership with ICON by offering them the Bridges SupaGrant. The integration will also allow Algorand to enter ICON’s BTP Working Group, known for its Interoperability Ecosystem.

With the collaboration, the community will witness the perpetual growth of the diverse, growing, and vibrant Algorand ecosystem. Moreover, the Algorand Foundation will gain a security partner with the BTP integration. 

It also opens the door of opportunities for future upgrades and maintenance needed to the bridging integration. You can know more here about Algorand’s potential as an altcoin investment.

As ICON’s state-of-the-art interoperability solution, BTP is both trustless and decentralized. In addition, it is completely secured via cryptography, making it a viable solution in the modern blockchain market. After adding Algorand, the BTP network now holds multiple renowned ecosystems.

Some of these names include ICON, Polkadot, Kusama, Harmony, canary network SNOW, Near, Binance Smart Chain, upcoming sister-chain ICE, and Algorand. The network will automatically add the existing integrations with Algorand, while the integration by Algorand will connect the venture to every BTP partner.

With ICON continuing to expand its interconnected web of public blockchain networks, it is becoming more pleasing for upcoming and existing projects. In addition, Applied Blockchain will also enter a partnership with ICON to promote the Algorand BTP integration.

The network will develop every smart contract needed for the BTP integration. Their extensive market experience and knowledge with smart contract architecture and the Algorand network will help the partnership in great volumes. Renowned as a development company for enterprise-grade blockchain apps, Applied Blockchain’s range varies from NFT marketplaces and DeFi protocols to bridges. 


That is why the integration allows Algorand to test out new opportunities on multiple levels.

Scott Cook

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