The Battle Arena Update From the Floki Ecosystem Released

On July 25, Floki revealed the eagerly anticipated Battle Arena update. There will be two separate releases of Patch 0.2.1.

The first part describes the debut of a new Vera, Skearrot:-

They will initiate Skearrót, a brand-new Vera in Valhalla, in part one. Now that you have him, you can have all four of his brand-new skills in combat.

  • Homing Carrot: Choose a tile within a 3-tile radial distance to which you want to hurl a tiny carrot. Throughout two turns, the tiny carrot will start moving 2 tiles directly in the direction of the opposition on each turn. The tiny vegetable will blow up and cause harm if it touches the adversary. After two turns, if the opposing player is still not reached by the tiny carrot, it will blow up on its flooring.
  • Carrot Rain: Choose the center flooring of a 7-tile geometric shape within a 2-tile radial distance to portray Carrot Rain. This will damage any adversary Vera waiting on the 7-tile hexagon and entrap any adversary Vera on the center tile.
  • Terrain Shift: Choose two tiles and move them about one another. Items positioned on the chosen tiles will move about the flooring, and Veras cannot move any tiles she is on.
  • Sanctuary: Pick three tiles to cover with wholesome lawn spots. Skearróts recover more than every other Vera, and all these patches of lawn cure all characters and make them undetectable when they wait on them. Only tiles that are close to current Sanctuaries, the flooring Skearrót is on, or tiles that have already been chosen for this capacity are eligible for selection.

This patch note’s first part is now complete. Let’s now discuss the second part!

This section will focus on outlining the innovative features that have been included in the match to enhance your enjoyment. Therefore, let’s begin.

  • The fourth ability of the mushroom has been decided to add to the game’s list of skills. You can choose three tiles from a 3-tile radial distance to spell Fairy Ring. Every opponent waiting on these tiles will doze off for one turn.
  • The Arcane Bomb’s transition time between tiles has been lengthened to ensure that players can avoid being hit by it.


General alterations:-

  • Both the pick stage and the battle stage now have an interactive webcam. You can change the device’s angle during the pick and combat stage by using the right-click button on your cursor, giving you flexibility over how you want to see your Vera battle!
  • Just after the last map dwindled, they deleted the spin limit, enabling the battle to go until either one of the two Veras or lost all of their health.
  • A fresh “Mute Sound” click is now in the bottom left corner. It will enable you to mute and unmute Vallhala’s noises whenever possible.

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