The Best Possible Integration of Friktion, Orca, and Lido

Ultimate integrates with Friktion Finance, a leading automated option protocol on the SOL blockchain ecosystem. This integration will allow Ultimate users to benefit from automated covered call selling strategies and attractive returns in downward or sideways trending markets. 

The complexities will be automated and abstracted away, giving access to a more sophisticated strategy generally not offered to retail investors. Friktion is a battle-tested SOL automated options protocol, and its team has been operating with extensive experience in trading, blockchain, and quantitative research. They are constantly innovating and introducing additional product features integrated into the bigger Solana ecosystem. 

Ultimate users will be able to deploy Solana directly into the strategy of Volt #1 from its interface with just two taps, yielding an API of 29.8% on SOL. Friktion Volt withdrawals are simple and take about a week for investing epochs to complete. 

Ultimate’s integration with Friktion will allow users to easily earn yields based on options on their assets across different market environments. 

Ultimate’s integration with the leading DEX (decentralized exchange) on Solana, Orca, will allow users to swap their tokens straight away from its interface. Orca is incredibly fast, supports several tokens, and charges low fees. With more than 100,000 active users, the high-quality decentralized exchange platform and deep integration with the SOL ecosystem have made Orca a simple choice to strengthen Ultimate’s swap feature. 

The process of swapping requires two taps and shows the trade preview, the prices, the number of tokens received at a minimum, and the fees charged for swapping. The Ultimate–Orca integration will make crypto trading convenient and easy for the users. 

Integration of Ultimate with Lido Finance, a top-notch liquid staking protocol for decentralized blockchain networks such as Ethereum and Solana, allows its users to stake SOL and receive their staked SOL (stSOL) coins that can be utilized in many DeFi protocols without any waiting period. 

Lido is the biggest liquid staking protocol on DeFi (decentralized finance) and supports more than $4 billion in trade value on the platform’s ETH liquid staking pool. Smart contract codes of Lido have witnessed 18 audits till now. Their staked coins are now broadly used for yield, lending, and trading across the blockchain ecosystem. Ultimate users can stake their Solana tokens directly from the interface with two taps, and the existing APY and rewards earned will be displayed on the platform’s Earn tab. The Lido-Ultimate integration will simplify liquid staking, giving users a simple way of staking on a decentralized exchange.

David Cox

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