The Beta version of Starbucks Odyssey goes live on Polygon

Starbucks has taken a step ahead with its web3-influenced project called Starbucks Odyssey. While the project is still in the pipeline, the venture has launched its beta version on the Polygon network. The web3 experience comes closer to the fans and customers of their favorite brand.

Starbucks Odyssey resembles the Reward Loyalty program for its customers, where they are rewarded for being loyal to the brand through frequent orders or referring the brand to others more often. Similar to the loyalty program, Starbucks Odyssey seeks to reward customers with several benefits and experiences by opening the door to Journeys.

Journeys is a series of entertaining and engaging activities in which customers participate to earn digital collectibles and points. The collectibles earned through the program are called Journey Stamps, and the points accumulated are called Odyssey Points. Both offer exclusive experiences and benefits to the holders.

The beta version of Starbucks Odyssey is currently accessed only by a limited number of participants. One can register to be on the waitlist for the beta version by visiting its official website.

Starbucks Odyssey is an extended version of its loyalty program of Starbucks. However, this is hinted at giving memorable experiences to the members and letting them participate in several small interactive sessions called ‘journeys.’ Once one journey is completed, the members will earn NFTs or collectibles called Journey stamps. However, This will help members get some immersive and good coffee experiences.

The development follows the announcement that was made by Starbucks, announcing its partnership with Polygon in September to build a web3-powered experience for the customers.

Starbucks has laid down the plan for the days to come. The brand is expected to expand the utility of Starbucks Odyssey by allowing customers to buy Limited Edition Stamps that the partners and employees of Starbucks will design. Limited Edition Stamps will carry the visual presentation of the brand from its past, present, and future in an artistic manner.

Having Polygon by the side has served well to Starbucks. Polygon had committed to becoming carbon neutral by the end of the current year. An official word on that is awaited; however, it is safe to say that the venture has been able to offset its cumulative CO2 debt. Polygon’s commitment to sustainability and a thriving ecosystem are other factors that make it a desirable partner.


Polygon’s partnership is backed by reputed brands like Stripe, Adobe, and Robinhood, among many others. Starbucks looks to make the beta version a huge success to move forward with the worldwide implementation of Starbucks Odyssey.

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