The Bitcoin “Triple Bubble” Crash to Destroy Millions

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has spoken of a financial disaster and predicted that the economy would experience a “triple bubble” implosion. Kiyosaki warned his 2.7 million YouTube subscribers that the stock, bond, and real estate markets would all drop at once, dubbed a “triple bubble” disaster. According to the analyst, the crash in 2022 will be more severe than the one that occurred during the financial crisis of 2008, and “millions will be wiped out” in a flash.

He contends that unchecked inflation has produced a bubble that is imminently and dangerously poised to burst. The next crash will be remembered as the “crash of a lifetime,” Kiyosaki also sounded the alarm.

The cryptocurrency markets appear to be a ticking time bomb that could detonate this year, hitting new lows. Since June, Bitcoin has not traded above $25,000; every time it has been close to $25K, it has dropped below $20,000. Market enthusiasm has decreased, and regular investors largely avoid the markets out of concern for additional declines.

Ethereum, on the other hand, has struggled to raise anticipation for the impending Merge, which is set for this month. The cryptocurrency has difficulty breaking beyond the $2,000 barrier after falling below $1,650 last week.

He predicted that the price of Bitcoin would fall alongside those of gold, silver, equities, and the housing market. Real estate, stocks, gold, silver, and Bitcoin are all collapsing. Higher oil inflation will wipe off the middle class, he claimed.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, also prophesied a doomsday crisis, who claimed that “something worse” than a recession was on the horizon. As per our crypto predictions, most cryptocurrencies with no practical use will disappear soon.

Robert Kiyosaki thinks that now might be the perfect time to “become richer,” despite the temptation to hide out in cash. In a Sunday tweet, Kiyosaki explained how he broke the rules to amass wealth during the Great Recession. The year 2008 was excellent for accumulating money.

Everything was marked down. He reveals that he borrowed millions of dollars to purchase real estate at a bargain. According to Kiyosaki, his 2 million Twitter followers should not be among the unfortunate people who suffer. He pushed them to “become affluent.” He remarked, “It’s not what’s in your wallet. Change your thoughts first, and then you may get affluent.”

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