The Bitspawn and the OOGI Are Now Partners

The Bitspawn has decided on integrating with OOGI to be able to establish itself further deep in the Solana ecosystem. This can prove to be one of the other strong projects by the Bitspawn. The Bitspawn will also be soon hosting a tournament for the players that will be OOGI branded.

About Bitspawn

The Bispawn has been able to address the increasing needs among the users for collaboration as well as socialization between the players, organizations, consumers, and companies in esports. The Bitspawn has been working on providing an infrastructure-oriented solution to its users. This has also helped unlock more opportunities and possibilities for hundreds of millions of gamers or players, around millions of teams playing, thousand of sponsors actively participating, and many advertisers and organizers. It has been able to securely connect the stakeholders to be able to become a major part of the global ecosystem of esports. 

The Bitspawn has the core value of providing the users or participants with solutions to the issues that are closely associated with their unprotected rights. It has also in a way helped in fixing the broken business model of esports’ like friction and misalignment present in between the involved parties, complexity due to the fragmented ecosystem, and also the increase in the polarized system of esports. 

About OOGI

As we know the OOGI token was created by the BabyApes NFT, which is a meme token that was created on the Solana network. Initially, the BabyApes NFT community has decided on launching it as a meme token, but it now has its first utility with the partnership with Turtle Launchpad. And joining this will be the upcoming feature of the OOGI token.

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