The Blockchain Oracle Summit Returns: at EthCC in Paris

Everyone wants DeFi immune to manipulations, permissionless stablecoins, decentralized RWAs, low-risk LSDs, and seamless cross-chain communication. But, no one wanted to talk about oracles – the layer of middleware infrastructure that makes it all possible. Until the Blockchain Oracle Summit!

Introducing BOS23, the only technical event on the blockchain calendar that focuses fully on the intricacies of how data moves on-chain. Taking place 21-22 July at Pan Piper in Paris, just after EthCC. The small-scale event has just 200 tickets for sale, a full lineup of industry-leading speakers, and a purely technical agenda.


From DeFi to ReFi and everything in between, Oracles provide verified data to smart contracts, enabling most of blockchain’s most exciting use cases. Founders, CTOs, and researchers from leading Oracle networks, DeFi projects, and cross-chain communication protocols attend the Oracle Summit to discuss the challenges and possibilities of moving data on-chain. On top of being important technology, leaders at Oracle networks have insights into what’s coming in the blockchain space – RWAs, LSDs, and cross-chain communication were discussed at BOS long before they were hot topics on Twitter.

Who will you meet?

Building on the success of last year’s event, speakers this year include founders, CTOs, and researchers from at least 12 oracle networks, including Tellor, UMA, and API3, as well as industry-leading protocols like Liquity, B Protocol, Gelato Network, Interchain Foundation, Connext Network and many more.

“The Oracle Problem is not a “winner takes all” scenario, but rather a collaborative endeavor. The Blockchain Oracle Summit serves as the premier in-person event for fostering this collective intelligence, offering a unique opportunity for a broader audience to actively engage in the continuous development of the oracle sphere.” – Michael Zemrose, Co-Founder, Tellor – the decentralized and permissionless multi-chain oracle network. 

“Oracles are taken for granted, and only a few protocols are oracle-free (AMMs). They represent the largest single point of failure, and contrary to other attack vectors, major design flaws are often economic instead of the more common implementation flaws – as seen lately with Mango markets. We need to bring awareness to this issue and combine our research efforts to develop better risk management schemes when working with oracles.” – Guillaume Nervo, Angle Labs – the team behind agEUR, the decentralized stable Euro. Fun fact: BOS23 tickets are priced in agEUR.

“Oracles are an essential piece of infrastructure for many protocols, especially lending and leverage services. DeFi France is thrilled to support the Oracle Summit to help DeFi users better understand the protocols they interact with and the risks they assume.” – TokenBrice, Coordinator at DeFi France & DeFi Strategist at Liquity – the leading DeFi community in France and safest stablecoin on the market according to DeFi Safety

Tickets for BOS23 are just 200€. All passes include access to all presentations and workshops, as well as hot meals and networking receptions on both summit days. With our free pass program, students and independent developers may receive free passes to the summit on an application basis. Tell us how oracles are relevant to your work or research, and we’ll ensure you’re a part of BOS23. 

Join the conversation. Secure your space at

BOS23 sponsors so far

Tellor is a transparent and permissionless way for your smart contract to get any data whenever needed easily. Tellor’s team has paid special attention to building a censorship-resistant, permissionless oracle network that provides consistently reliable data. After being the first project to support the inaugural summit last year, Tellor has become a Title Sponsor for BOS23. 

Qlindo is the first investment platform for buying and selling shares representing investments in Green Energy and Green Real Estate projects. As a project with a vision to build a sustainable future and revolutionize investing, Qlindo’s sponsorship of the Oracle Summit shows its commitment to developing the blockchain space as a whole.

About the organizer

Party Action People Pte. Ltd. is a Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) Event organizer registered in Singapore that focuses on Web3 Events. Party Action People is organizing the Blockchain Oracle Summit and the inaugural Stable Summit at EthCC in Paris this year, with more projects in the works.

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