The bullish blueprint falls upon Bitcoin Spark, Algorand, and XDC Network

The cryptocurrency market faced a brutal bear market that caused crypto prices to melt. The bearish market sentiment began in the dawn of 2022, fueled by the collapse of significant cryptocurrency exchanges, DeFi ecosystems, crypto lending and borrowing platforms, and digital asset hedge funds. The year 2023 started with positive crypto price movements despite increased regulatory oversight by financial regulators. The bullish blueprint has proceeded consecutively with increased crypto ETF applications. In line with the increasing bullish sentiments, Bitcoin Spark, Algorand, and XDC Network will likely surge exponentially, reaping significant returns to early birds.

What is Algorand?

Algorand is among the earliest proof of stake networks to be developed. Founded in 2017 and the ALGO crypto asset debuted in 2019, Algorand’s main objective was to improve blockchain scalability by varying the proof of stake consensus mechanism. Algorand’s proof of stake consensus validates the network by randomly selecting the node to validate the next block weighted by the staked ALGO amount. If the block fails to meet the validity of the network, it is discarded, and a new validator is selected to facilitate the block replacement. The Algorand Foundation, a non-profit organization, presided over the ecosystem’s operations.

Why is XDC Network gaining popularity?

XinFin’s XDC Network is a decentralized ecosystem that rapidly changes the cryptocurrency market by offering a platform for businesses, organizations, and companies a fast, cheap, and secure network for asset transfers. The network has a unique variation of the proof of stake consensus mechanism that activates scalability and increases the speed of transaction finality. XDC recently had impressive gains after an 80% surge in 30 days. The network mediates between public and private blockchains through smart contracts. However, its potential gains are no march for this new BTC fork.

Why is Bitcoin Spark unique?

Bitcoin Spark is a new Bitcoin hard fork that aims to become the most significant Bitcoin alternative project through the provision of massive utility. The Bitcoin Spark ecosystem has been designed to counter all centralization administration issues that face primary proof of work blockchains like Bitcoin. Bitcoin Spark is special because its unique attributes enable it to stand out among other decentralized finance projects.

One feature that makes Bitcoin Spark unique is its underlying smart contract layer, which has already been audited by three independent auditing firms with null findings recorded on the comprehensive audit reports published online. The platform’s smart contract comprises four layers, allowing developers to implement multiple languages, including high- and low-level smart contract programming languages.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

The first layer is the Execution Layer, which houses the EVM and Rust deploying language contracts. This layer executes major smart contract functions laid upfront by developers. The second smart contract layer is the Consensus Layer. This layer mediates between network validators to ensure processes such as the confirmation of transactions and the addition of blocks are running smoothly without interference or disagreements. 

The third layer is the Mining Layer, which provides a medium for miners to tap idle processing power from their mining devices. The final layer is the Rewards Layer. This layer calculates the potential rewards for each validator, weighted by the amount of “work” done on the network. After the calculation process is complete, the information is sent to the Execution Layer for implementation, which is the reward allocation process.

Bitcoin Spark’s consensus mechanism also makes the project stand out amidst investors and venture capital firms. The platform is implementing a new network verification method called proof of process, which amalgamates and interlinks improved versions of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms. Buy BTCS tokens in the ongoing presale and begin a journey of creating generational wealth with Bitcoin Spark.

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