The Crypto Fraternity Stands In Solidarity; It’s Time For Change

The world is standing strong in the wake of the terrible murder case of George Floyd; the citizens of America have been on the streets for quite somedays now. And now the entire country is demanding justice for George Floyd and other victims who suffered the brutality.

The protests have given rise to some disturbing stories and a few videos that have been viral on the internet. The video of arrests and journalist abuse by the police has taken a toll on the internet these days.

The citizens of America believe that Social injustice should not be tolerated at all. And this incident has gone too far now. We should believe that ALL LIVES MATTER!

Well, talking about the crypto biggies and the blockchain community, a lot of them have taken up over their social media handles to stand strong for justice.

Ripple, a cryptocurrency and exchange platform, took it to Twitter, posting a picture being vocal about standing strong in solidarity seeking justice for Floyd and other victims. The picture posted by Ripple urges people not to tolerate hate and discrimination. They are vocal about the rights and believes, “It’s Time For Change.”

Ripple is standing strong for the Black Community and has joined hands with them to support them in their fight against racism. The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, also tweeted that he understands how painful it is for the Black community, and he is also against this brutality and stands strong in solidarity.

He further tweeted that the citizen needs to be anti-racist for now and even in the future. And now we need to change the way we see the world. He believes that this is a matter of life and death, and we need to stand strong for justice for anything that is wrong.

He further quoted that, we as responsible citizens should not stop shining a light on the deep-rooted racism.

Along with Ripple and Brad Garlinghouse, Even Square, a business solution provider, also tweeted a picture showing support for the Black Community.

With the series of tweets, they further added that this is the logo of the Black Squares Association (BSA) belonging to one of their employee’s resource groups. The picture is shared by them to raise awareness of its members working and the cause of fighting systemic racism and injustice.

Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of Ethereum and the Founder of Consensys, also took it to twitter with a series of tweets showing his support to the Black Community. He mentioned that their company and community protested in solidarity. He quoted that he is standing strong for the Black Community.

The CEO of CivicKey, a blockchain platform, also tweeted raising awareness for the fight against racism. He said this movement is to end the age-old racial persecution of Black people. The #AllLivesMatter comprise collectively supporting people of all races and encourage people to treat everyone equally. And we as responsible citizens should choose our positions wisely.

Racism in America is as invisible as air, and even if you are choking on it. As long as there are people vocal about the fact that Black Lives Matter and It’s Time to Bring Change, it won’t take long, and we still have the chance of cleaning it as soon as possible. As of now, the major concerns of the Black people are, that what if their family and friends are killed one day meanwhile they are out for a walk or jog or maybe on a drive. People are on roads to fight for justice, and this might continue until justice is served.

Ruchi Brahmbhatt

Ruchi is an Independent Artist and a Graduate in English Literature with substantial experience as an IELTS coach. Being young and energetic, emerging technologies attract her to the core- blockchain and crypto being the most recent ones. She has also been a regular contributor of news pieces and insightful articles related to these innovative arenas. Ruchi’s other interests include human rights, art and architecture, technology, health, and social networking.

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