The First-Ever ‘Binance Launchpad Bounty Program’ Starts Today!

The first-ever Binance Launchpad Bounty Program is here! This is being done to celebrate the WazirX token sale on Binance Launchpad.  Binance collaborated with WazirX to launch the program. The participation in the bounty program requires successful completion of a set of tasks entailed by Binance in a specified time frame. You can earn your share from the total $1000,000 WRX tokens.

So, what are the dates for the Binance Launchpad Bounty Program?

The program will start from Jan 23rd, 2020 (0000 HRS) UTC and will end on Feb 2nd, 2020 (0000 HRS) UTC.

And what are the tasks to be completed?

As per Binance’s announcement, here is the list of tasks that are to be completed to win in the program:

  • Task 1: Using the fiat to crypto option, the participant is required to make crypto purchased on Binance.
  • Task 2: In the activity time frame mentioned above, the participant is required to complete a valid BNB trade. The participant can either sell or buy.
  • Task 3: The third task involves converting a minimum of 10 USD of an eligible stable coin to BUSD.
  • Task 4: The participant is required to refer a friend who should open a ‘Binance Futures account.’
  • Task 5: In the activity time frame, the participant is required to complete a genuine trade on any Binance Futures contract.

All the tasks can be easily completed from the Binance website.

What is Binance offering as rewards?

  • Prize Pool worth $15,000 USD WRX Tokens: The participants can share the above reward if he/she completes any three tasks out of the above five tasks.
  • Prize Pool worth $25,000 USD WRX Tokens: On completion of any four tasks out of the above five tasks, the participant can share the above prize pool.
  • Prize Pool worth $60,000 USD WRX Tokens: Whoever will complete all the five tasks will get to share the above prize pool.

Please Note: The platform has set a maximum cap per winner at “$50 USD equivalent of WRX tokens.”

The Bonus Bounty rewards:

  • For the new Binance Accounts: This one is for those who are new to the Binance platform. To avail this bonus bounty reward, they can simply sign-up on Binance, open an account and get a 10 percent discount on trading fees.
  • For the new Binance Futures Accounts: For those who have not opened a Binance Futures account yet, they can go on the Binance website and enter the code- ‘GetDiscount.’ This will fetch them a 10 percent discount on futures trading fees. Please note: The 10 percent Binance futures trading fee discount will last for 30 days one it is activated.

When will the winners receive the rewards?

As per Binance’s announcement, the rewards will be distributed to the winners within 14 days once the competition has ended. The winners can log into their accounts and check their rewards in their respective wallets.

On Jan 21st, Binance announced on its official Twitter handle about WazirX’s token sale, which will start on Feb 3rd (0000HRS) UTC. Not only this, the users are offered a lottery-format ticket claim solution by Binance.

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