The First RenVM Bridge Comes Live on Polygon

RenVM made the most exciting announcement recently that the first direct bridge of RenVM shall provide support to Polygon to offer every user facilities like low transaction fees and quick transaction confirmation time. The integration of the RenVM bridge with Polygon enables the registered users to add assets directly to Polygon.

The open protocol of RenVM offers access to permission-less value transfer among Blockchain networks and inter-blockchain liquidity. The users can employ the RenVM bridge to make deposits and withdrawals of native RenVM assets directly to the Polygon without passing through the Ethereum Blockchain.

The bridge of RenVM permits the users to bridge BTC, BCH, DOGE, and ZEC with their assets to come live at Polygon. The native assets available at Ren-bridge are mentioned below:

  • $renBTC and Bitcoin
  • $renDGB and DigiByte
  • $renBCH and Bitcoin Cash
  • $renFIL and Filecoin
  • $renDOGE and Dogecoin
  • $renZEC and Zcash
  • $renLUNA and Terra

The integration between RenVM and Polygon shall permit the incorporation of Ren-based assets into every dApp within the ecosystem that includes Curve Finance, Quickswap, BadgerDAO, Varen, and more. The RenVM-Polygon integration shall enable third-party developers to develop Cross-Chain dApps at Polygon with the SDK of RenJS.


The COO of Ren Protocol, Michael Burgess, said that the collaboration between Polygon and RenVM would make Polygon more useful and immensely beneficial for every stakeholder. The co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, is excited about the integration as well because Polygon has been chosen by RenVM as the bridge between DeFi and Bitcoin. Polygon is renowned as the platform for Ethereum scaling and development of infrastructure. The essential component of Polygon is the Polygon SDK that serves as the framework for the connection of Secured Chains such as Plasma, zkRollups, Optimistic Rollups, Validium, and more with Standalone Chains such as Matic POS.

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