The Football Trio: SuperOne partners with Footballco and FIFPRO

SuperOne is partnering with Footballco and FIFPRO to promote the game and offer an alternative way for football players to make money. SuperOne is the first gamified social network for gamers and a new way for football players to make money.

Market Void

The world is full of millions of avid sports fans. How do they prove their fandom to the world? SuperOne has created a game that tackles a shared interest and examines who is the bigger fan. The first game released is a football-focused trivia, where players must answer questions to avoid elimination, be the last player standing, and win prizes.

SuperOne is proud to announce it has created a new trinity of football-related entities: Footballco, FIFPRO, and SuperOne. Andreas Christensen, Techowner and Founder of SuperOne, said that the trinity represents the two most prominent avenues to achieve mass adoption in the football gaming industry. SuperOne is looking forward to disrupting the gaming industry with this new enterprise.

Exposure across the world

Footballco is the world’s largest football content and media business, with Goal, Kooora, and Mundial being a few of their brands. They reach 640 million football fans and have more than a billion video views monthly. They’re launching an exclusive campaign around GOAL50, which will be the biggest fan-voted player award ever. SuperOne has partnered as the presenting partner for this launch campaign.

“We’re happy to work with SuperOne,” Andrew Jackson from Footballco says, “In order to help provide football fans with memorable and rewarding digital experiences. We share your goal of providing football fans with an exciting new product.”


The world’s preeminent football trade union, FIFPRO, is on board! Partnering with the FIFPRO Commercial Enterprises B.V., The Football Association of Indonesia, proves your commitment to making representation a reality for the professionals in the industry- on a collective basis and for use within the digital entertainment industry.

Fans of the World Cup are going to love this new challenge! FIFPRO—the world football players’ union and a partner of SuperOne—has created an innovative game that’s perfect for playing in between watching matches. You can race against the clock with the added urgency of knowing you’re also supporting pro footballers worldwide. The fun starts now and will end on Saturday, 14 July… Good luck!

About SuperOne

From Norwegian Techowner Andreas Christensen, SuperOne is the world’s ultimate fandom trivia battle that engages billions of sports and entertainment fans worldwide. More than 60 team members work to disrupt the gaming industry with real-time revenue distribution for all stakeholders. Established in 2019 with hub development labs in Norway, India, and Indonesia, we’re excited to bring our project to life.

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