The HBAR Foundation Makes Its Metaverse Fund Strategy Announcement

The race to ride metaverse’s success is ongoing, and The HBAR Foundation became the latest participant in it. The venture recently announced a metaverse fund, which will be used to attract new customers into the Hedera ecosystem.

The funds will also help the Hedera ecosystem scale and boost the development of apps in target areas. The organization released an official post to inform its users about the same. The post explained the fundamentals of the metaverse and its role in the modern market.

With DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) simulating the growth of metaverse experiences, the market is witnessing the rise of entire economies around them. Such economies cannot thrive on the existing frameworks, and DLT is laying the foundation to architect the required infrastructures. 

The HBAR Foundation believes that the metaverse will be at the epicenter of this development, leading to the establishment of the THF Metaverse Fund. The venture noted how the gaming industry reached 198.4 billion dollars in market value. With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, the gaming sector seeks new ways to expand its reach.

NFTs and digital goods are providing them the platform to do so. THF aims to help game developers optimize Web3 and integrate NFTs within their approach. The Hedera network is the ideal example of a supportive ecosystem, facilitating the means to do so.

THF has also partnered with Venly to offer developers advanced tools, a user-friendly wallet, and a market API for quick app deployment on Hedera. Users can expect The HBAR Foundation to add more to its value proposition by acquiring new projects and partnerships.

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