The HPB’s 5th Node Election has Declared Huobi Pool as a Successful Node!

Another feather in Huobi Pool’s Hat! The world-known Huobi Pool has recently become a Node. The results came out after HPB’s fifth node election.

Huobi Pool is already known for its standard-setting excellence in the field such as staking pool, mining pools that umbrellas domains such as Proof of Work (PoW) Mining, Eco Exchange, Asset Management, and so on. When we talk about the staking pool, Huobi Pool has the largest one. It reigns at the top rank due to

  • excellent node management skills,
  • impressive mining pools,
  • a variety of public nodes

All the above factors offer the users as well as the clients an all in one shop for all of their financial needs.

Uplifting HPB’s main net on the Global platform:

With such a rich ecosystem, Huobi becoming a successful node was both expected and is a great opening for a brighter future. Now onwards, the platform will back up the building and any further development of the HPB ecosystem of nodes. Huobi will be seen taking care of:

  • crypto wallets,
  • crypto-based transactions, and
  • other related services and products

The expertise of Huobi and the hands-on experience of the platform is expected to uplift the main net of HPB on the international stage.

HPB, on the other hand, is in itself is a fantastic blockchain-based platform. The uniqueness of HPB lies in the power of combining “customized hardware Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE)” and the blockchain software, that are high efficiency-driven. That gives birth to cutting edge “scalability” and also allows to customize services based on the unique needs of the customers.

Huobi is constantly expanding:


Recently, the news of the crypto exchange to expand its wings to Argentina was catching a lot of attention. This feat was achieved after the country started accepting cryptocurrencies after the infamous episode of the peso. Now the citizens of the country will be able to buy many types of cryptos with the Argentine peso. The crypto exchange added that the “volatile economic” circumstances in the country along with the imposition of currency controls and the uncomfortable inflation, open up the “flourishing” grounds for acceptance of cryptocurrency. The imposed currency controls are made to make the peso market stable and solid again. But this imposition has brought all kinds of restrictions for the citizens of the country. The senior business director at Huobi Cloud David Chen said:

The increasing demand for crypto-related products and services makes Argentina a perfect entry point for Huobi to pursue larger projects in promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain to the market.

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