The Icetea Labs Accelerator Launched With Six Startups

For the first time, the Icetea Labs Accelerator Program for blockchain startups has been launched by Polygon in collaboration with Alpha Venture DAO and Icetea Labs.

Polygon is co-creating an incubator in close collaboration with three other parties to provide tools, mentoring, training, and commercial expertise to budding Web3 startups from all over the globe. So over eight weeks, the businesses chosen for the incubator will be given extensive support as they discover brand matches for their games, multiverse, and NFT utility applications.

The collaboration for this expansion plan represents the pinnacle of what can be done to support Web3 projects with resources. In Asian Countries, Alpha Venture DAO is a top community-owned Web3 enterprise environment, and Icetea Labs is a premier cryptocurrency incubator that has just launched its first comprehensive accelerator program.

Here is a quick summary of the statistics for the first accelerator:-

  • For just 6 openings, there were 250 applications from the NFT utility, gaming, and metaverse.
  • The acceptance rate of 2%.
  • Community members cast 73,000 votes for their preferred projects.

Watch for Polygon Village, where entrepreneurs can access funding opportunities and other tools to grow on Polygon.

Let’s get to know the first round of Icetea Labs Accelerator participants:-

  • Victory Point is an Unreal Engine 5-based free-to-play first- and third-person AAA multiplayer shooter with play-to-earn gaming elements.
  • Evermoon is the first multiplayer online field NFT game that is free to play and pay for.
  • A battle royal style online combat action game called Trouble Punk | Cyber Gals strongly emphasizes entertaining gameplay.
  • Nexity Network is creating a transparent, blockchain-based circular economy to rethink how we conduct business, create and use products, and recycle them.
  • With a blockchain-backed platform, TooNFT is upending the WebToon market and building a dominant next-generation NFT ecosystem.
  • Octan Network is an Appchain based on Proof of Reputation that assists developers working in GameFi and SocialFi in producing, distributing, and equitably monetizing their goods.

You could be prepared for the hands-on learning from participating in a hackathon if your NFT, game, or other Web3 venture isn’t yet developed sufficiently for acceleration. Place the following locations on your map now:-

  • For the Web3 hackathon, LUMOS BUIDL.
  • Filecoin and Moralis are hosting a One Two Three Web3 hackathon.
  • The ETHOnline Hackathon by ETHGlobal.

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