The Indian Railways incorporates blockchain technology

The Indian Railways has taken the absolute landmark decision to incorporate blockchain technology for the first time. This followed the conduct of a highly educational and informative workshop at the National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR), based in Vadodara, Gujarat. This very exercise was carried out along with ChainCode Consulting as well as Polygon. 

This pathbreaking workshop was conducted over a period of three days, from the 15th of February, 2023, until the 17th of February, 2023, and the credit for the initiative goes to Professor Vijay Malviya, who happens to be the Course Director at NAIR. Along with him is also Dr. Satya N. Gupta, who happens to be the Chairman of the Blockchain for Productivity Forum.

In the course of the workshop, there happened to be officials from the zonal offices of Indian Railways who took an active part. They were educated on the significance of blockchain as well as the new-age technology that will be instrumental in the overall enhancement of the functioning of the railways. Several use cases were discussed, as well as the obstacles faced by the officers and the railway ecosystem on the whole.

A demand for a unified certificate validation to authenticate the required abilities and knowledge of railway professionals was recognized as one of the issue areas. The experts noted that the issuance of NFT-oriented certifications could appropriately solve this extremely crucial factor. Thus, this will make it possible to properly manage, monitor, and authenticate the abilities of the relevant Railway officials.

In this matter, it is ChainCode Consulting, in collaboration with the Indian Railways, that has delivered unique Phygital NFT Certificates that have been duly minted on the Polygon Ecosystem for the sake of all of the participants. This has been done through the utilization of NFTrace. The aim behind this was to familiarize the officials taking part with how exactly it works through hands-on exposure. There was also information imparted on the benefits of using smart contracts.

ChainCode Consulting is the unquestionably largest provider of enterprise-level products and services for improving businesses’ ability to conduct operations using decentralized, access-controlled, and secure paradigms. On the other side, Polygon is a pioneer in blockchain development platforms and offers Web3-compatible, upgradeable, secure, and sustainable blockchains.

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