The Launch of ForceDAO on Avalanche

According to Avalanche price prediction reports, ForceDAO finally announced the launch of structured products and novel strategies of stablecoin on the network of Avalanche.  ForceDAO operates on decentralized blockchain networks to bring community investors and strategists together for capitalizing on yield-bearing opportunities of decentralized finance. Avalanche’s open-source platform is globally renowned as the launchpad for decentralized applications in a highly scalable and decentralized ecosystem. 

In the initial phase, the structured products to be launched at Avalanche revolve around stablecoin-based strategies. The C-Chain ecosystem of Avalanche houses a wide range of AMM and interest rates that are known to produce substantial yield for the farmers. The structured products include stablecoins of variable yield and stablecoins of fixed yield. ForceDAO is also launching stablecoin strategies, and these include Pangolin Exchange, BenQi, and Trader Joe. 

ForceDAO users are advised to start preparing for the launch by immigrating their funds to the smart contract chain of Avalanche network. The different ways that one can adopt for the migration of funds are mentioned below:


Once one becomes a part of the smart contract chain of Avalanche Network, they can try out the dApps to get their hands on the Liquidity Products that include Trader Joe AMM and Pangolin Exchange AMM. 


The easiest and fastest way to transfer funds is the Avax Network Bridge. One can access the Bridge at and migrate funds at top speed after going through only 35 blocks. 

ForceDAO is known to leverage significant returns from yield-bearing protocols of DeFi. It is the ultimate objective of ForceDAO to identify and employ alpha across different scalability layers and multiple blockchains, beginning with the L1 Ethereum. Through the collaboration with Avalanche Network, ForceDAO shall lead the development and deployment of institutional-grade, high-performing DeFi products centered around infrastructure technology, analytics, and investment strategies.

Trevor Holman

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