The Lost Land receives a $2 million amount in the seed round

The Lost Land has been built and developed by Monster Labs. It happens to be a real-world defense-oriented online game. It has been successfully positioned on the GameBoy platform. The Lost land game has also generated an investment of $2 million as part of a seed round. The fundamental concept of the game is that it incorporates many factors, such as role-playing, overall combat, and strategizing, and it also happens to be greatly interactive. When put together, these factors provide the game and its connected players with an added dose of frills and thrills and make it more engaging.

Where all players’ involvement is concerned, it lies in the correct and effective utilization of the available resources that have been provided. However, this entails setting up fortifications, training the soldiers at hand, forming guild bodies, and other methods to put up effective barricades, ultimately ensuring safety factors adequately. It would be in terms of defense. However, there is also the side of attacking other castles, intending to gain rewards in terms of gold coins and materials required for building. The idea is to be able to spread out to further territories and construct newer castles.

In the meantime, Lost Land has plans to deliver its tokens at the beginning of the year 2023. These very tokens will duly be listed on the CEX. It will also launch an NFT pledge along with a renting procedure. At present, the Alpha testing of the game has been completed. It is now headed for Beta testing. During this phase, however, some fresh features are to be introduced.

According to the Marketing Manager of The Lost Land, the game is due for public release sometime in early 2023. In this regard, preparations are on for building 5000 NFT mystery boxes for the benefit of game guilds. Plans are also afoot to sell them on the Binance NFT marketplace.

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