The Machines Arena Closed Beta Season 3 positioned live

The Machines Arena Closed Beta Season 3 is now live, featuring a brand-new 4v4 ranked mode and skins available for a limited time only.

The 4v4 ranked mode is a competitive, seasonal PvP game mode that features a matchmaking system. The ranked mode will be modified every four months on alternate days. Dynamically evolving every four months in the manner of a season, Ranked Mode will introduce new environments and challenges that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

During the third season, players will have the opportunity to acquire the initial digital equipment from TMA. In addition, by attaining leveled milestones, players can acquire exclusive skins as rewards, or they can purchase skins from the in-game store.

The Machines Arena is a team-based, cross-platform shooter developed by the studio Directive Games. A new 4v4 Ranked Mode, a new map, special incentives, and more are all part of Season 3 of the TMA Beta.

TMA pits multiple teams of four players against one another on the battlefield. A matchmaking mechanism will be incorporated into the brand-new 4v4 Ranked Mode in an effort to equalize the playing field. Following each encounter, a player will have the capability to monitor scores and adjust their ranking. The ranked mode will undergo a four-month rotation, mirroring the four seasons. 

A novel map bearing the name of the coalition festival, which TMA intends to unveil, is forthcoming. 

Players will have the opportunity to acquire unique skins as rewards during the Closed Beta Season 3. Acquiring the mercenary Bravo Zulu skin will grant them access to level 25. The Urban Commando XE will be available at level 50, while levels 75 and 100 will grant access to additional exclusive rewards. On Ronin, the skins will be converted into mintable tokens. 

During the initial stage of beta season 3, players will be able to obtain new skins from the in-game store for a limited time. They, too, will be mintable. 

Dragon Dancer, Night Ops, and Amorous Archer costumes require a one-month time investment to acquire. However, Dragon Dancer and Amorous Archer will only be available until March 12. There is an option for a single player to purchase only one skin. 


Ronin was introduced to Directive Games in March, 2023. They joined the movement as one of the first third-party game development studios to do so. In 2014, Directive Games was established. It was established by industry veterans from Square Enix, Ubisoft, Tencent, CCP Games, DICE, and LucasArts, among others. 

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