The NAKAVERSE Phase II is ready to debut

The NAKAVERSE Phase II is currently completely ready for its great debut. According to what will be happening, it will usher in a new stage for virtual reality. This will be accomplished through the essential empowerment of general engagement, which will increase social bonding to a greater extent. NAKAVERSE is a Metaverse that will be launched by the entity Nakamoto Games. This organization stands out as the ultimate best play-to-earn and Metaverse platform. It has almost 150 blockchain games to its credit. The NAKAVERSE will operate in unison with all the games as a crucial ecosystem component. This is supposed to be the second stage of NAKAVERSE, but it will actually be a highly detailed 3-D Metaverse environment.

The previous year, the first phase commenced, which saw the minting and selling of NAKAVERSE land and the building of NFTs on the conventional marketplace. The second phase, however, will witness the social angle of the Metaverse being introduced. In this way, all of the connected players will find themselves in the position of searching, interacting, and also living in the real world. The highlight feature, however, will be the three-character models from which users can choose. These will be the Hustler, the Renegade, and the Warrior.

When it comes to the Hustler, all associated activities are carried out legally. Starting positions mark the start of something. It is eventually partnering up with a player-run business. Additionally, there will be the chance to work for an oil firm or perhaps a retail shop. There will be promotions and the gaining of additional funds. It can be conceivable to own a business after some additional time has passed. This is where adding more players becomes necessary. Customer retention and market expansion are the next steps. The advent of money will occur after all of this.

Next in line happens to be the Renegade. It is the absolute opposite of the Hustler. In this scenario, there will be constant raids carried out on the properties of NAKAVERSE, along with the robbing of raw materials, energy, and food. Here, however, there will be plenty of obstructions while one goes about his work. It will begin with simple acts of theft and slowly work its way up to becoming the head of an organized crime syndicate.

The Warrior happens to be fierce. Their fight is with other warriors in Metaverse arenas, with the citizens being able to pay to watch. There will also be warriors who will earn money by providing muscle power for the Hustlers and Renegades. 


All of the characters have an integral role to play in the balancing of the economy as well as the ecosystem. Through this, a much better gaming experience will emerge for all of the connected players. It will also help to bring more people together by allowing different groups to interact with one another. The idea behind NAKAVERSE is to create a self-providing ecosystem based on real-world diversity.

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