The New Galaxy to Be Launched on the BSC Soon

Celestial has decided to open up the new galaxy, the Beta Version of the Binance Smart Chain, in October 2021. Players are excited to see this new experience this new celestial universe. The Celestial Interstellar Resolution Court has decided that all of the respective fee income generated through the marketplace, i.e. the NFT Swap on the BSC, shall be used to repurchase the CELT. This will be apportioned accordingly in the BSC and the OEC, in their respective proportions in the total. 

The total revenue collected in the form of fees from the financial center (Auto Farm) on the BSC can be used for a similar purpose just like the income from the marketplace on the BSC was utilized. The repurchase will be done as per the respective proportions of the total sum of the OEC and the BSC. 

Similarly, the total fee income earned from the DEX Aggregator, the Galaxy Swap on the BSC shall all be used to repurchase the CELT, which is again carried out according to the proportions of the OEC and the BSC respectively. The auction revenue earned through the battleship is only partially used to repurchase the CELT according to the proportions of the BSC and the OEC in the total amount, respectively. 

An amount of 1 billion of the CELT is entering the OEC galaxy in the BSC galaxy and the total remaining amount of the CELT in the OEC galaxy is 4 billion. This makes up a total of 5 billion CELTs, unchanged. The total sum of the CELT shall keep decreasing accordingly in the OEC galaxy each time a new galaxy is opened.

When the official version of the BSC is stabilized, it will lead to two categorized CELTs on the BSC on Celestial, the OCELT (OEC) and the CELT (BSC). Among these, the OCELT is directly a cross-chain from the OKEx Chain. The CELT and the OCELT will be exchanged based on the real-time prices that are prevailing.

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