The Next Phase of McAfee Dex is Coming Soon: John McAfee

John McAfee is gearing the audience for the next phase of Yesterday, he posted the following on his official Twitter page :

The users of this platform can reap these benefits from an app called- ‘Switch.’ It offers user-friendly ways of purchasing and selling tokens of more than 100 tokens directly against each other. The platforms offer other services such as gift cards, gamble, etc. There are no requirements for having any accounts on this app and it does not collect any personal information of the user.

On the same day, in another tweet, McAfee also talked about White label DEX. He explained that the user can now build his or her white label DEX smart contract on the McAfee website. In his tweet, he said:

The user can build his or her own white label DEX built on top of the McAfee website, simply by sending 100 U.S Dollars worth of Ethereum (ETH) (0.71429 ETH) to 0xA916E000ae9a8944485C587ddAb8a087aBFD1EAd, the official Mcafeedex website reveals. This is a one-time transaction. After the transaction confirmation, the address of the users gets whitelisted for a lifetime. The advantage of getting one’s address whitelisted is that the user does not have to pay any platform fees for his/her entire life. The process of whitelisting of the address usually takes around 24 hours to get reflected.

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