The NFT Brewery Announces Partnership with Polygon

The partnership between Polygon Studios and the NFT Brewery was announced during the “South by Southwest Conference – 2022.” The two projects are teaming up to explore NFT ownership and its utilities. The partners will assess the possibility of the creation of various tools that would help them implement NFTs in various areas and businesses. Through Polygon’s large network, the NFT Brewery expects to bring its ideas and products to a larger audience globally.

The NFT Brewery is a startup based in Silicon Valley and intends to create easy and simple APIs and tools that would make the adoption of NFTs seamless. The tools created by this project will focus primarily on providing a reliable and accessible NFT experience for its users. By doing so, the NFTB attempts to bring the utility of non-fungible tokens beyond gaming and metaverse. Yes, the NFTB intends to provide support to musicians, artists, agencies, influencers, and whatnot. With this adoption, creators will no longer have to worry about their intellectual property and will receive payment support.

This would mean that independent artists would no longer have to go through. The harrowing legal proceedings to protect their intellectual property rights. The NFTB’s new API created with the help of Polygon will make connecting with the customers simpler for artists and businesses. By converting their artworks into NFTs through the user-friendly tools from the NFTB, users can cover things like monetization, receipt of secondary sale royalties, and protection of intellectual property rights easier than it ever was. Furthermore, users will also be allowed to establish their own marketplace for their creations on the network.

Although its primary focus is not gaming, the project allows peculiar tools for gaming studios and firms to get developers on board. The simplified tools will make minting and creation of NFTs without demanding intricate knowledge about blockchain technology. According to co-founder Aman Johar from the NFTB, this startup aims to bring out the power of decentralization, NFTs, and web3 to a global audience. A comprehensive platform like this would indeed eliminate the need to depend on big institutions to monetize one’s creations.

With the help of a large network like Polygon Studios, the NFTB can bring this idea to bigger institutions and independent creators alike. Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal from Polygon expressed his delight at working with a group that understands the possibilities and the potential risk of implementing it on such a large scale. Supporting such innovative and utilitarian projects would help Polygon fulfill its mission of bringing web3 to the global audience, he added. Polygon Studios was launched to help grow NFT projects with marketing, developer support, and investment to shift the outlook of the world from web2 to web3. The NFT arm already offers support to NFT and gaming projects like OpenSea, Aavegotchi, Zed Run, UpShot, MegaCryptoPolis, Skyweaver, Decentraland, and more.

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