The Novatar – an NFT as a New Identity and Virtual Life Gateway

Novatar, a newly launched NFT project, is getting a new identity and experiencing the adventure of virtual life. The 25,000 Novatars are all newborn babies; each has unique and different expressions and features on the face, and the Novatars also have different skin colors and races. 

As part of The Novatar’s working mechanism on the blockchain, each newborn baby avatar can grow from the moment it is minted, and the time of minting is left in the owner’s hands. The Novatar owners choose when to start aging their baby Novatars into adult Novatars.

There are 9 basic genes contained in a baby Novatar. As aging takes place, the baby Novatar gets additional genes up to 14, keeping the basic ones. 10 genes in the adult Novatar gene pool are basic while 4 are optional.

For baby avatars, every gene contains 6 different variations. For adult avatars, however, there are 11 variations per gene, except the genes for eyebrows colors, eyes, skin, & hair.

What Can Novatars Use?

A Novatar owner can use his or her Novatar for either of the following applications:-

As a digital identity on social networks & Metaverses,

In real-life events organized specially for the members of the community.

Things to note about Novatars:-

  • There will be only 25,000 Novatars available.
  • In the beginning, Novatars are newborn babies.
  • Baby Novatars can develop into adults.
  • Novatars can have one of these 5 professions in adulthood- Developer, Gamer, Astronaut, Doctor, or Blogger.
  • As aging takes place, more genes are developed.
  • These genes also come with their rarity, making it possible for rare Novatars to exist. Each of Novatars is unique in its way.
  • One can’t predict what sexual orientation a baby Novatar will conform to at adulthood.

The Novatar project works on the principle that the NFT avatars can transform from their baby into an adult. The principle also follows that in their grown-up stage, the adult Novatars feature attributes characteristic of real-life adulthood, including style, having a profession, and conformation to a particular sexual orientation.

About Novatars

The platform contains 25,000 Novatars ready for you to represent in virtual life, and all of them are unique with different expressions & facial features, colors, and races. 

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