The Ronin Guild gets positioned live on

Ronin Guild gets positioned live on, which is a no-code platform that allows guilds to exist and grow, surrounding multiple off-chain and on-chain features. The incorporation provides the option for developers on Ronin to reward their community depending on every member’s involvement.

Initially, Guild was a Discord bot that linked Ethereum wallets. Currently, however, it has been incorporated into various platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Google Workspace, and GitHub. Added to that are more than fifty chains and some Web3 protocols. All of them are incorporated into Ronin, where developers are able to build guilds pertaining to their communities.

The history of both off-chain and on-chain reveals the user’s priorities. For example, game studios Guild may reward RNS holders who hold and transact a particular amount of $RON for two years by transferring that data to developers. A Ronin developer could be able to grant the aforementioned user whitelist connectivity with an upcoming mint. Users are rewarded by developers based on on-chain activities, and by participating in the Ronin ecosystem, users gain more value.

A short while back, Ronin introduced their own Ronin Guild on to utilize these data streams in the form of a proof-of-concept regarding a trust infrastructure on Ronin. This is a trial for a Ronin-oriented reputation scoring mechanism. To become a member of the Ronin Guild, the matters that are considered are on-chain background, holdings, origin, and authentication. There are also four tiers involved: bronze, silver, gold, and mystic. This helps in creating a trust factor amongst developers and their communities with tier-oriented authentication and rewarding potential.

Ronin and its associates have successfully completed Pixel’s second airdrop. In addition to Wild Forest’s public mint, which nearly sold out right away. Alongside that, Kaidro’s first NFT mint brought in 340,000 Journal NFTs to Mavis Market, and Apeiron’s token sale saw almost $70 million worth of wRON pledged. They are currently working on pushing the envelope even further.

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