The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Welcomes vEmpire’s Latest Gaming Title

As the leading name, The Sandbox commands the attention of every metaverse enthusiast. The platform announced the release of its Alpha Season 3 in August, promising summer fun lasting ten months.

Naturally, the announcement generated buzz globally, attracting new games and projects. vEmpire has also joined the list of companies adding their projects to the upcoming upgrade.

The trading card game recently announced introducing its Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to The Sandbox Alpha Season 3. The Sandbox is set to offer 90+ experiences to users for 10 weeks.

The titles will cater to both multiplayer and solo gaming enthusiasts, capable of providing a thrilling experience. Names like Warner Music Group, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, World of Women, The Smurfs, and many more will provide unique experiences during the event.

Given the stature of these projects, vEmpire will be delighted to expose its game to The Sandbox community. The Sandbox released an official tweet to inform users about their collaboration with vEmpire.

The tweet embedded a minute-long video that provided a brief overview of vEmpire’s latest title, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Built within The Sandbox, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is vEmpire’s entry into the metaverse.

The game involves different creatures, including humans, chimps, and more. Players will get objectives, such as “capturing the flame,” during gameplay. vEmpire has integrated features like an in-game map and navigation to help users complete the objectives.

During the objectives, players can also collect coins to make the experience even more beneficial. The quests involve quizzes, requiring players to put thought and strategy into their gameplay.

Moreover, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World also packs the primary attribute that entices most gamers, the battle for survival. Players will fight different enemies during the quest to gain rewards and complete their mission.

The foes will get tougher over time, so players can only defeat them with upgraded weapons and armor. Besides the gameplay video, The Sandbox also shared a link redirecting to the latest game.


Users can check out and purchase the unique assets included in the game. They can also get access to Lands associated with the experience. The goal of the game is to find the legendary Statue of Zeus and hand it to the village.

Given the involvement of The Sandbox and the popularity surrounding its Alpha Season 3, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is expected to be a massive hit.

Trevor Holman

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