The Sandbox and Chain Games Collaborate for Enhanced User Experience

Chain Games and The Sandbox have entered a partnership. This partnership brings to the table one important factor which is expected to improve the experience of the users.

Post integration, both ecosystems will enable their users to access Chain Games developed in-game NFTs into The Sandbox metaverse. The Sandbox and Chain Games have also penned down plans for the future to further develop the current features while setting a stage for upcoming new features.


Web 3.0 is a digital trend that continues to captivate the curiosity of the media, techies, and the general public. Because of the current obsession with NFTs, the discourse of Web 3.0 and decentralization has risen to the fore. Web 3.0 is the internet’s next iteration, with a focus on decentralization. Its goal is to provide a degree of openness in which smart contracts, rather than centralized organizations, govern user data and transactions.

Web 3.0 blockchain gaming, to be more specific, is a sector that is expected to grow in the future. Chain Games is a platform that mainly combines smart contract-based contests with state-of-the-art gameplay.

All the products offered by Chain Games are compatible with ERC-20, Ethereum, and Polygon. Chain Games SmartContests has made its mark in the market, with Super Crypto Kart becoming the first one to integrate it with the platform.

The Sandbox x Chain Games

Chain Games and The Sandbox plan to offer cross-platform interoperable NFT in-game assets in their ecosystems. They will deploy advanced blockchain technologies for this purpose. This will take the user experience up a notch by offering creative and immersive experiences.

Interoperability basically means that gamers will be able to access the digital assets of one ecosystem in another ecosystem. The Sandbox and Chain Games will leverage this concept in the future.

The partnership allows Chain Games to utilize the lands that it has bought in The Sandbox metaverse. The same will be used to grant players access to the Chain Games titles in The Sandbox metaverse.

Players will be able to play their favorite Chain Games titles in The Sandbox metaverse by using a CHAIN token.

Both partners are also in talks to take the strategic partnership ahead to maximize the current development goals while also keeping an eye on future possibilities.

Sebastien Borget, the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of The Sandbox expressed his happiness over the partnership with Chain Games. He said that he was pleased to see the interoperability of non-fungible tokens increase at present.

Adam Barlam, Chain Games CEO and Founder, was equally elated about the strategic partnership with The Sandbox.

He said that he was thrilled to be involved in the partnership with The Sandbox that will further elevate user experience on both platforms and ecosystems.

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