The Sandbox and Harmony Partner to Boost Growth of Blockchain Gaming

Harmony has announced a strategic partnership with The Sandbox, a leading project in the blockchain gaming industry. Harmony believes in empowering gaming enthusiasts by providing them digital ownership of various game assets and developing economic incentives through the use of a business model of play to earn. Harmony provided details about this partnership in a tweet.

Partnership Between Harmony and The Sandbox

Harmony is interested in supporting as well as facilitating the mission of The Sandbox. Under its mission, The Sandbox wants to offer a virtual gaming world that lets players create, play, trade, govern, own, and monetize gaming experience using NFT’s, blockchain technology, and $SAND, the native utility token that powers its platform.

Harmony’s Aim

Harmony wants to become a premier proof-of-stake blockchain, facilitating NFT’s high-speed trading within its trading. Harmony is also committed to supporting audience development and growth of blockchain gaming by developing bridges between Ethereum and Harmony.

It is worth mentioning here that The Sandbox is among the ERC-1155 standard’s three main contributors in conjunction with Enjin and Horizon Games.

Features Presented by The Sandbox

Sebastien Borget, Co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, said that the main feature of The Sandbox is that it allows gamers to make their own NFTs by using VoxEdit. After that, you can use the NFTs within the game maker of The Sandbox. Also, NFTs can be used by other platforms, dApps, and blockchains.

Sebastien added that they are excited to see leading blockchain players like Harmony and their teams working to enable true interoperability within NFTs, made possible by bridging them into and out of Ethereum. Sebastien considers it to be a major step towards augmenting the utility and potential value of NFTs as well as their liquidity within other blockchains.

These steps will allow computation, assets, and ownership available in The Sandbox to be experienced within Harmony in the coming years. This can be made possible by utilizing five-second finality, scalability, and shared network of proof-of-stake.

More About the Partnership

The partnership will allow Harmony to support game developers who want a consensus platform with high throughput and low cost for powering their games based on blockchain.

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