The Sandbox Announces Partnership With TIME

The Sandbox has partnered with TIME to construct TIME Square on TIME Land, located in The Sandbox. The partnership is a part of TIMEPieces, an initiative by TIME to develop the infrastructure to strengthen the NFT community.

It will be the first-ever destination of TIME in the metaverse. It takes inspiration from New York City’s spirit and energy. Once constructed, TIME Square will be an ideal location known for its art, convening, and commerce.

Keith A. Grossman shared details about the partnership at NFT.NYCnyc. Keith is the President of TIME, who took this event also as an opportunity to invite architects from all over the world to help redesign and reimagine the location of the virtual world.

TIMEPieces holders will have a better experience with a slighter edge of participating in the inclusive environment being set by TIME. All community members will be granted access to events, discussions, educational experiences, and screenings of the TIME Studios project.

The opportunity to pitch in the contribution is open for everyone by getting in touch with the team through the official website of TIMEPieces.

Keith A. Grossman highlighted that the goal has always been to create a destination that could serve as the heart of the metaverse. Keith added that since launching TIMEPieces in September 2021, the focus has been on developing a community in Web3 that benefits from the 100-year legacy of TIME.

He expressed that the team was thrilled to venture into the new space with their partners, who would enable them to tap into the community as both continue to seek architects to design the final project.

The benefits that TIME carries with it are:-

  • Provision of a natural bridge between the virtual communities;
  • Unique IP coming from TIME Studios;
  • Historical coverage and global relationships;
  • Real-like IRL events; and.
  • TIME for kids.

All the benefits mentioned above would serve as additional points on top of the 100-year legacy of the brand.

Sebastien Borget, the Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of The Sandbox, said that the partnership brings a chance for The Sandbox to prove that a heartbeat of the metaverse can be constructed.


The Sandbox has become a virtual Manhattan where people experience the culture, entertainment, and brands coming to life in a vibrant place. Plus, it is the best place for people to socialize, dance, play, and learn new things. TIME partnering with The Sandbox allows the latter to develop the soul of this virtual Manhattan.

The community will be kept in the loop by ensuring that the best members are always in the working network to help construct the virtual space for TIME. Teams have, therefore, issued an open call for their community members to apply for this opportunity, making the project team work with everyone involved with their best efforts.

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