The Sandbox Celebrates Collaborations with LAND Sale For Fans

Leading decentralized Gaming and social metaverse platform, The Sandbox recently announced its new strategic partnership with multiple partners from the NFT, investment, and music industries. To celebrate this collaboration, The Sandbox team will organize an exciting LAND sale on April 14, 2021, allowing users to join the network by buying one of the 1,874 Premium LANDS near the ESTATEs owned by the partnering companies.

The partnership includes crypto ventures like Nifty Gateway, Gemini, 21x, Silicon Valley-based firms like Galaxy Interactive, and Gemini Frontier Fund of Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss.

Other investment partners are prominent names such as the co-founder of Craft Ventures Bill Lee, co-founder of PayPal Ken Howery, investor Sundeep Madra, CEO of Uken Games Chris Ye, investor Alex Reece, game creator and founder of Redemption Games Michael Witz, founder of Fable entity Edward Saatchi, and heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold, and investor Patricio Fuks.

Talking about the newfound partnership, Sebastien BORGET, COO & Co-founder of The Sandbox, stated that the platform is expanding its business with partnerships from a variety of domains, including IP firms, artists, and gaming studios. The project aims to provide a rich experience to its users. The interface will help creators, firms, and customers to grow simultaneously.

The announcement of the partnership follows the beta launch of its NFT marketplace, which gives anyone the opportunity to earn SAND. The portal allows users to earn the native currency SAND by monetizing the NFT products based on voxel and designed using the VoxEdit software. The first public beta testing round will begin in the coming months of 2021. The Sandbox helps fans to connect with their favorite brands, artists, and Ips. They get a chance to enjoy virtual entertainment opportunities like live performances, games, and social interactions.

The Upcoming LAND Sale

The Sandbox’s upcoming LAND sale event on April 14th, 2021 — 1 pm UTC will offer additional premium LAND located near its partners like Nifty Gateway, Chris Ye, Bill Lee, Avenged Sevenfold group, Ken Howery, etc.

Key Highlights

  • 1,874 Premium LANDS will be available for 4,683 SAND tokens
  • Each LAND will include 3 out of 9 exclusively NFTs.
  • 13 ESTATES (3×3) will be available for purchase on the map itself. The estates will have a 5% discount computed to the individual LAND price but won’t include any NFTs.
  • 19 ESTATES, including 13 medium and 6 large estates, will be on auction through OpenSea. The OpenSea auctions will run for 24hrs.
  • Depending upon the size, every ESTATE will have a floor price.

Each bidder will have to place a higher bid than the previous user to win the ESTATE. The final winner will have the highest bid at the closing of the auction.

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