The Sandbox forms an exclusive partnership with AIMC

The Sandbox has formed an exceptionally mutually beneficial partnership with AIMC. This entity is an affiliate of the drama production company based in South Korea and going by the name of Astory. Together, they will deliver a highly sought-after K-drama, ‘Extraordinary Woo Young Woo,’ to the metaverse in 2022. 

This drama series is extremely popular, so far as non-English shows on Netflix are concerned. It depicts the trials and tribulations of Woo Young Woo, who happens to be a youthful trainee attorney in the autism arena. As a part of the narrative, Wu creates a liking towards the whale, with it reciprocating as its eyes.

AIMC, being an affiliate of Astory, has delivered an NFT project by the name of Extraordinary Whale Club in order to cultivate awareness regarding the factor of autism. They also happen to be actively engaged in furthering their collection of IP-oriented businesses. This includes actor management as well as webtoon production and commerce.

With this agreement in place, the two groups will keep themselves busy by creating locations for shows. This will include factors such as the courtroom, the Hanbada law firm office, and the Woo Young Woo kimbap restaurant in the Korea Universe, which deals with K-content within the Sandbox metaverse. The two entities will also be working on several projects.

According to the CEO of The Sandbox Korea, Cindy Lee, with the help of this coming together, all of Astory’s stories as well as characters will be incorporated within The Sandbox metaverse. This will, in turn, turn out to be a new kind of exposure for the connected users. It will also help in expanding the audience base. Whereas, in the opinion of the CEO of AIMC, Han Se-Min, they will now be viewing their stories and multiple characters in the form of digital spaces, as well as characters and NFTs, along with games, in The Sandbox metaverse.

Roxanne Williams

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