The Sandbox forms an exclusive partnership with mm2 Group

The Sandbox takes great delight in announcing that it has struck an exclusive partnership with Metaviva. This organization is a Singapore-based Web3 company. It is also the affiliate of mm2 Entertainment, a regional media and entertainment company. The major purpose of this collaboration is to construct a virtual playground within the Sandbox gaming metaverse, which is located near mm2’s IP’s.

According to the terms of this newly formed partnership, Metaviva and mm2 will share complete responsibility for a 6×6 voxel plot of LAND. This will allow all connected players to attain interactive exposure, which will showcase real-time content. All of this will contain separate verticals like films, drama series, music, and sports. All of the players will find themselves in the position of attending virtual film sets. They will also have direct access to locked content, be able to play games, and interact with all of the other fans who have already joined the metaverse. 

According to Ng Say Yong, Chief Content Officer at mm2 Entertainment, they are thrilled that their collaboration with The Sandbox will allow them to connect with more than 200 existing brands and IPs in their metaverse. Asian content will now be offered to the entire player base. Where the head of Web3 and Metaviva, Darren Ho, is concerned, the partnership will allow them to explore new ways and means of enhancing the entertainment industry. They will also be able to combine the real world with the virtual one and present it to all those who are connected. 

The Sandbox will collaborate with mm2, Metaviva, and the other parties to this relationship to build one-of-a-kind experiences that are related to the Metaviva LAND. The connected talents and the filmmakers will have the opportunity to connect with their audience in a meaningful way through all of these events. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to market their soon-to-be-released films, creating opportunities for increased income.


George Wong, the Head of Singapore for The Sandbox, stated that the virtual world is turning into a real asset in terms of enabling players and fans to engage with all of their desired content, and that too in their own way. They may now both participate and watch the action unfold. He believes the cooperation will be extremely beneficial in the future.

Trevor Holman

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