The Sandbox introduces fresh royalty redistribution method

The non-fungible token (NFT) market is seeing unprecedented growth. As a result, creators and artists are looking for ways to profit from their contributions to digital assets. An essential aspect of this is the factor of NFT royalties, which allow creators to continue benefiting from their efforts even after their first sale. In this regard, The Sandbox has introduced a new royalty redistribution system. This will help to boost the platform’s marketplace creators.

NFT royalties have been created to offer artists and creators the option of earning passive income with regard to their digital outputs. At the time of creating an NFT, a royalty feature is established, which stands for the percentage of proceeds that come in from every subsequent resale of the NFT. This ensures timely compensation.

With the introduction of Blur in 2022, royalties have been executed in the NFT ecosystem. Most NFT spaces and platforms came up with systems to automatically grant royalties on secondary sales. They were between 5% to 10% of the resale cost and released to the owner of the smart contract. Different platforms have their own way of dealing with royalties. Some have adopted the system, whereas others have not.

In the instance of The Sandbox, they intend to redistribute a portion of the secondary market royalties to the actual NFT creator to create an international creator economy that would support the commercialization of their efforts.

The team at The Sandbox has come up with an in-house solution for redisbursing a segment of ASSET’s secondary market royalties to the actual NFT creator. This fresh feature will soon be positioned live. The solution will provide the option for their marketplace to forward the royalties straight to the actual NFT creator’s wallet. It will also be adaptable to every marketplace that executes the ERC-2981 standard. 

Until now, The Sandbox has received 5% royalties from secondary ASSET sales in recognition of its ownership of the contract. In light of the recently implemented royalty redistribution features, royalties generated from assets sold on The Sandbox marketplace will be automatically divided in half, with The Sandbox receiving 2.5% of the royalties. An additional 2.5% will be transferred to the NFT creator.

Roxanne Williams

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