The Sandbox introduces Game Maker 0.10

The Sandbox has introduced Game Maker 0.10. It builds on the success of Game Maker 0.9, which was launched in December last year. The latest version comes with new tools and a lot of improvements, plus it comes at a time when The Sandbox has kicked off Builders Bootcamps to educate the members of its community.

Game Maker 0.10 ideally targets three categories for improvements: a set of behaviors, new rules, and a creation process.

For starters, Game Maker 0.10 brings a new set of behaviors to elevate the experience of the community. It includes Spawn Point Behavior and Projectile Behavior, among others. For the best gameplay experience, Spawn Set Behavior requires players to spawn in various locations, set up teams, and customize equipment. Team Broadcast, a feature that allows players to send messages to every team in the environment, further supports it.

Projectile Behavior enables players to set force, trajectory and visibility, collider size, and gravity, among other things. The idea behind Projectile Behavior is to use logic to spawn projectile objects and determine their effects at the moment of a collision.

More introductions in Game Maker 0.10 include Raycast Component, Consumables, and Multi & Void. Consumables have gained more attention, for they allow players to trigger a reaction to their consumption of an item. Consumables offer flexibility to players, letting them choose the trigger point and time. Players can utilize it to create potions and power-ups.

The new rules in Game Maker 0.10 help to design more smartly. They include the Math Rule, the New and Enhanced HUD Rule, the Key Input Rule, the On Player Join/Exit Trigger Rule, and the Send Message Rule.

Math Rule, for one, brings the ability to perform more complicated math operations with time and number variables. It replaces or comes in place of the basic rules: multiply numbers, add/subtract, and add/subtract time. New & Enhanced HUD Rules bring variables into the HUD in the form of progress bars, values, or percentages. Players can complete designs here by using an eye-catching icon.

Key Input Rule allows players to set up rules in such a way that responses are included for number keys from 0-9 and mouse buttons. It seamlessly triggered game mechanics like shortcuts and controls. The Send Message Rule and the On Player Join/Exit Trigger Rule allow players to send messages and cause a trigger when players enter or leave the experience, respectively.

Game Maker 0.10 has integrated upgraded tools to simplify the creation process. For instance, the New Hierarchy Panel elevates the organization game with a revamped hierarchy panel. It addresses bugs that were brought to notice in Game Maker 0.9.

Other tools and features in Game Maker 0.10 are Exporting and Importing Rules, Grid Enhancements, L2 Support, and New Home Screen Features. In the end, it all comes down to enhancing creativity through Game Maker 0.10, which has a lot to explore.

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