The Sandbox Moodie Challenge of Cuisinia offers flavors and thrills

The Sandbox Moodie Challenge, introduced by Cuisinia, is associated with all the glories and goodies of food, culture, and digital magic. It will represent everything Thai as far as exotic cuisine, a sheer paradise for all foodies. 

Cuisinia, on its part, is everything one can possibly imagine, primarily foodie goodies. It is a Web3 business whose focus is on initiating a community surrounded by the very aspect of cooking, exposing the taste buds to various flavors, the nose to aromas, and sharing the same with one another.  

Cuisinia x The Sandbox Moodie Challenge brings to the table a cooking-oriented game, along with score-based ranking and step-to-win. Also thrown in are rewards pool galore. 

To venture tepidly into the rewarding space, one must finish with every question related to the exposure. This is followed by creating a KYC-authenticated account and successfully completing the fraudulent check. 

Cuisinia and The Sandbox will commemorate their partnership and offer the opportunity to get three special wearable NFTs beginning May 10 and ending May 12. On May 13, more information will be shared via Cuisinia’s social media channels.

In most places, villages take part in a cooking competition, introducing the most important ingredients that are the pride of the tribes at the Cuisinia festival. 

There is still a surprise package waiting for all attendees: the Cusinia cookery extravaganza.

Trevor Holman

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