The Sandbox offers a great Lunar New Year experience with Rabbids

Metaverse is in the process of being developed constantly. What makes it the future of the internet is the projects being launched within its ecosystem. The Sandbox, for instance, has recently announced its partnership with Ubisoft to host the holders of Rabbid Avatar in a virtual world where the Lunar New Year is being celebrated in a grand style starting February 28, 2023.

It has to be noted that the experience is exclusively available to the holders of the said avatar. In case someone doesn’t get their hands on an avatar, they can wait for a few more hours as the experience is being brought back for them.

A total of three playable experiences are coming back to the ecosystem. This includes two solos and one multiplayer. Experiences are open to all, provided they complete all the quests to enter the list of winners. Per the announcement on Twitter through the official Twitter handle, there are 36 quests in the Rabbids Lunar New Year event.

Winners will get a mystery box containing a value of 50,000 SAND along with a pack of SAND and Rabbids non-fungible tokens. While this event is open to everyone, the event that is exclusively for the holders lists 16 quests to be completed for a prize of 100,000 SAND prize pool. Winners will share the prize pool only after they have invaded Yngzua village. The Rabbid avatar is built from random combinations of traits, allowing their holders to stand out in the crowd with a different sense of humor in the metaverse.

Metaverse, as a virtual world, is indeed discovering limitless possibilities. Ventures entering into partnerships are bringing their specialties to the ecosystem with a mutual goal of accelerating the adoption to onboard a larger number of users. Experience remains at the center of the developments, and The Sandbox’s latest move makes it more evident.

Players not only have to be in their avatars, but they are also tasked with making adjustments to fit in the metaverse and complete the task. Having a unique avatar gives its holder access to Rabbids New Year in Plunga city, where creatures are always up to something or another.

The Sandbox brings to the table a chance for everyone to construct what they like. Furthermore, dedicated to the spirit of gaming, developers are enabled to build their own gaming ecosystem and monetize the experience for the entire community.

The metaverse is eyeing to bring to the community an experience of the green metropolis through METAGREEN, a project initiated by Regal Hotels Group. The Sandbox has earlier announced to push the interoperability in Web3 by integrating Clay Nation into the ecosystem. Cardano’s project is being created in collaboration with Smobler Studios.


Until then, freshly-minted Rabbid avatars can be showcased in the virtual world to complete the quests and win a share of the prize pool.

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