The Sandbox organizes Thailand Partner Day 2023

The Sandbox organized the Thailand Partner Day 2023 to promote the building of the Thailand metaverse ecosystem and bring together the country’s creator community. According to the Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, their main focus through the event is to further The Sandbox Thai ecosystem and encourage viable associations. He believes the company’s past associates have been instrumental in breathing life into their aspirations in more than ten countries globally, and this will be played out even for Thailand. In his opinion, he can afford to have a lot of expectations from the associates, as in the past, they have always done more than was thought possible.  

The gala event witnessed the presence of a coveted guest list which included the Co-Founder of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, the Head of Growth, Thailand, of The Sandbox, Kanyarat Saengsawang, the Director of Business Development and Innovation Development of CEA, Dr. Darika Lathapipat, and many other prominent personalities. Further, in attendance were over ten prime and significant associates of The Sandbox, belonging to Thailand. All of them came forward to commit to the fact that they will be engaging in making their own contributions in terms of creating the diversified and all-inclusive metaverse ecosystem, with special stress on the creative community of Thailand. 

If we compartmentalized the attendees, they would fall under several brackets, such as the brand associates, like SCB 10X, Katana Group, and others. Then there were the studio associates like Lumie Labs and Parapluie Studio. Following this would be the creator associated with names like Creative Economy Agency and some more. Most importantly, there were educational associates such as Dhurakij Pundit University and Perception Codes.  

With regards to the Head of Growth (Thailand) of The Sandbox, Kanyarat Saengsawang, he firmly believes the success of the event lies with the list of attendees, all who came forward to pledge their allegiance to the cause set up by their company and it is indeed very encouraging. 

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