The Sandbox teams up with K-pop Web 3.0 startup ‘Modhaus’

The Sandbox and Modhaus have collaborated in order to create a collaboration that will be advantageous to both parties. This entity is a startup built on K-pop Web3. This collaboration will mark the beginning of the development of an appropriate and sufficient social platform for the benefit of all associated fans. In consequence, they will be in a position to connect with any events that are organized and positioned in the virtual world.

All of this will unintentionally help triple S, a blockchain-based K-pop girl group. Indeed, all of these activities will help in their ultimate promotion and corresponding popularity, further widening and broadening their overall reach. It is also the plan and intention of this formidable merger to effectively build triple-S NFTs, which will be properly and officially licensed. This will also further involve avatars, various forms and designs of outfits, and an enormous amount of diverse digitally-based collections.

In order to properly understand and appreciate the importance of this merger and what exactly it will entail, it becomes necessary to delve a little further into the aspects related to the two concerned entities. Modhaus, for its part, is mostly a Web3-based project. The concept and implementation of this work were motivated by a desire to use blockchain technology to promote and spread all facets of Korean pop culture. This is successfully accomplished through the creation of opportunities for various fans to connect in a more efficient manner with the builders.

On the other hand, tripleS is a K-pop female group that makes use of the blockchain technology. The group has 24 members that are actively participating in its activities. This enables it to provide the opportunity for all of the fans to have the power of having overall control over all of the activities that are associated with it. In this manner and under these conditions, the girls’ group’s eventual exposure will receive a tremendous boost.

Trevor Holman

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