The Space SIP to Be Developed on the Polygon Testnet Platform

There is news about the Space SIP developing a new game on the Polygon Testnet platform. The Polygon is a framework and a protocol to help build and connecting as well with the blockchain networks that are Ethereum compatible. This is a blockchain network based on Ethereum, an ideal platform for an ecosystem for blockchain gaming. The new collaboration between the Space SIP and the Polygon will prove to be a big boost as the aim is to improve the player’s experience to a world-class level. 

What will be the advantages of developing the Space SIP at the Polygon?

This new collaboration will bring the following big benefits for the Space SIP:

  • A Speedy Transaction- It will help the players in making instant payments 
  • More Cost Efficient- It will help reduce the transaction fees as compared to the other blockchain networks present. 
  • More Advanced Security- A unique algorithm is used for making the platform for gaming more secure. 
  • Highly Scalable- The Polygon platform is Sidechain and can effectively process, without hassle, multiple transactions. 
  • Interoperability- The polygon platform allows its players and users to trade with NFT along many Sidechains. 

The Polygon Testnet has been predicted to help bring in many significant benefits to the players by providing speedier in-game transactions at cheaper costs. All the transactions at this platform are carbon neutral. Currently, the development is in process. 

The Polygon network is one of the leading platforms mainly established for infrastructure development as well as Ethereum scaling. It offers a growing suite of products that can help the developers easily access many major scaling and other infrastructure solutions: hybrid solutions, sidechains, L2 solutions, data availability solutions, enterprise chains, and much more. Polygon has been able to host more than 1000 applications, above 600 M transactions processed, more than 60 M unique user addresses, with above $5 Billion secured assets. 

The Space SIP has been built to allow the players a play-to-earn gaming experience that is addictive in a healthy way. The games are developed by the teams that have experience of more than 10 years in software development also additionally consolidated with five years of working experience at the Blockchain. This new collaboration will bring the best gaming products to the gaming community.

Scott Cook

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