The success of DigiToads presale & the rise of Arbitrum: Here’s what investors need to know

DigiToads (TOADS) is enjoying tremendous success in presale, with over $1.7M already sold. Analysts believe the full utility meme token could register over 450% returns once it lists on a major exchange. Arbitrum (ARB) is another project with tremendous potential as it moves to make Ethereum more efficient.

DigiToads Web 3 gaming ambitions

DigiToads is a full utility meme project built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Its primary goal is to impact various aspects of human life while offering exciting and fun ways of earning. Consequently, it has unleashed a thrilling Web 3.0 game taking utility on meme coins to another new level.

It’s being counted as one of the best cryptocurrency projects, making it easy for people to play a Web 3 game and earn simultaneously. All people need to do is purchase and nurture DigiToads by purchasing food and training equipment to make them strong and large in the swamp arena. As a result, the DigiToads will increase in size and strength while also learning new abilities that should make them stand out in battles against other players.

Players who nurture their DigiToads to become the largest and the strongest in the swamp arena will walk away with rewards in TOADS tokens. The rewards will come from 50% of all profits generated from selling gaming items in the ecosystem.

In addition to the unique Web 3 game, DigiToads has established trading competitions that will provide another avenue for generating some money on the side. By participating in the monthly trading competitions, players stand to earn Platinum TOADS that they can use to access the TOADS treasury.

DigiToads has also affirmed its commitment to supporting the environment. Consequently, it is to set aside 2.5% of all profits to fund charities working on replanting trees and conserving rainforests.

People looking to generate some passive income from their non-fungible tokens also have something to smile about while embedded in the DigiToads ecosystem; there is an NFT staking platform in which 2% of every TOADS transaction is to be added. Consequently, people will have the opportunity to stake their NFTs for a chance to earn some passive income.

TOADS is the network currency currently in presale, promising more than 5.5x gains. The token makes it easy for people to play the Web 3 game and participate in trading competitions. As a medium of exchange, it also doubles up as a governance token, offering holders an opportunity to decide on the project’s trajectory.

The deflationary token has a limited supply capped at 585 coins. The total supply will reduce over time thanks to a token-burning system in place designed to trigger scarcity that should help bolster its value over time.

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Arbitrum addressing Ethereum deficiencies

Arbitrum share similar attributes with DigiToads as it is new in the burgeoning sector. Launched in March, the project is already sending shockwaves with its native token ARB rallying by more than 20%. The stellar performance concerns the project’s primary goal as a layer 2 scaling solution designed to make Ethereum more efficient.

Arbitrum began to address the issue that has affected Ethereum over the years. Consequently, it is to make it run faster, better, and more efficiently. Its edge stems from rolling up tens of thousands of transactions into a batch to reduce congestion on the Ethereum Blockchain.

While Arbitrum Blockchain can handle over 40,000 transactions per second, it is a perfect fit for addressing Ethereum issues as its Blockchain can handle fewer than 40 transactions a second.

Bottom Line

While cryptocurrencies have been associated with heightened volatility, projects with proven utility and use cases provide exciting investment opportunities. DigiToads is one project poised for tremendous success as a project redefining the meme coin sector with a focus on NFT staking and P2E. Likewise, Arbitrum is staring at tremendous success in moving to address Ethereum congestion issues.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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