The Success of Waves Grants is Torching the Way to Waves Incubator

Recently, Waves Platform posted on Twitter an announcement about the forthcoming Waves Incubator. As per the post, around 1 million WAVES are ‘set aside to help the participants’ in order to support them for developing and marketing the smart contract solutions and the decentralized applications which are ‘written in RIDE language’ as per the official blog. RIDE was launched by Waves a month ago, which specifically targeted the decentralized applications. As of now, it is still in the test-net stage, the blog informed.

This decision of taking the WAVES project to the incubator level got inspired by the success of Waves Grant, which was released three months ago. Waves Grant’s vision was to support developers who are dealing with the development of Web 3.0. Since January it has gained a lot of success with 50,000 WAVES grants given to the developers. These developers offered several solutions, feedback, and innovative ideas to the community. The RIDE language got great acceptance in the developer community. The developers have come up with several smart contracts and solutions, which has led to newer success landmarks in the community.

The incubator’s main objective right now is to promote and function on decentralized applications; although it is open to other fields too. The company has encouraged the developers to continue working in the same direction with the same enthusiasm, and in lieu, it offers them the best possible support. The expected outcome of this project is to come up with a “profitable and self-sustaining businesses, promoting the use of Waves technologies in the real world.” It is not restricted to just the technical stage.

The projects that will get selected to participate in the Waves incubator will get “up to 100,000 WAVES per project in funding.”

The funding can be customized based on the needs of the project. For instance, the entire funding can be dedicated to one project at various stages, or it can be used for various projects created by the same developer.

It does not stop there. The winning developer/s will get more popularity, as the blog says-

We are going to spread the word about your initiative and provide assistance with coverage of your project’s major releases and development.

The Waves Incubator welcomes both developer teams and individuals. The intellectual rights to the developed project will stay reserved in the name of the developer or the team of developers.

Market performance of WAVES-

On 27th April, 11.30 UTC, the price of the crypto token was 2.16 USD or 0.00041048 BTC. The market capitalization of WAVES was USDUSD 215,511,790. If we look at the performance of the crypto in the last 24 hours, then the volume was USD 11,801,751 or 2,248 BTC.  At press time, the circulating supply and total supply of the token remained same at 100,000,000 WAVES.

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