The Supporter of Bitcoin Cash Roger Ver Slams Bitcoin Maximalists

Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash supporter, has made critical remarks on the supposed Bitcoin maximalists through his latest tweet. These Bitcoin maximalists are infamous for silencing different opinions. In his tweet, Roger had attached a Reddit post link whose creator had been prohibited to start a discussion from the r/Bitcoin about block size as well as the Lightning Network.

For those who are finding it tough to understand who exactly the Bitcoin maximalists are, then let us explain. These maximalists are people who only consider Bitcoin to be a legitimate digital currency which deserves existence. As expected, the maximalists don’t garner the massive admiration. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, disclosed that he invests as much as 10 thousand dollars in Bitcoin every week, rejecting all the other altcoins. Jack too doesn’t count himself as a Bitcoin maximalist fan.

Becoming one of these Bitcoin maximalists is quite simple – one just has to keep singing how Bitcoin is the only superior cryptocurrency than all the others out there. But the moment one mentions terms like “scalability”, “block size” or “Lightning Network”, it doesn’t remain that simple.

Troubles Bitcoin Faced

It has been quite some time now that the #1 digital currency Bitcoin has been slammed for its scalability issues. But now, things have pretty much changed as Bitcoin can handle an adequate number of transactions to march towards its mainstream adoption. The problem of scalability was meant to be tackled by Bitcoin Cash with increased block size.

LN, short for Lightning Network, a blockchain-backed protocol, is anticipated to boost the transaction speed sufficiently. But surprisingly, the perfect LN is actually not yet ready to function fully and this very issue was thrown into light by the Reddit user mentioned above.

He stated that he was quite worried as all the hopes were now attached to LN’s future performance and functionality. He continued saying everyone was betting on the existence of it as the sole way of achieving required scalability.

His post not only went viral but also garnered a lot of comments and later got him banned. Citing the reason for the ban, the moderator in his concise note remarked the post as a lying troll. This very censorship issue was highlighted previously by Roger who asserted that anyone who favours the increase in the block size of the coin, more often than not is silenced by the larger Bitcoin communities.

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