The Top 3 Online Kratom Vendors who Accept Crypto

Ever since the inception of cryptocurrency, the world has completely changed in terms of many businesses conducting transactions online. Cryptocurrency is beneficial for many reasons. The first and most concrete reason for using cryptocurrency is that it is fast, and secondly, data is safe over the internet. Kratom is an illegal herb that is sold by many top-notch vendors online. Although, not all but some of them accept payment in cryptocurrency. In this article, we will guide you through some top-notch kratom vendors that have introduced payment in bitcoin and other digital currencies for the benefit of the customers.

 Kratom Crazy

As a veteran in its field, Kratom Crazy has over ten years’ experience of satisfying thousands of customers. Kratom crazy introduced payment via crypto just a few months back. If you pay via eCheck or bitcoin, you become eligible for a 10% discount. Kratom Crazy is applauded by many customers because the company sells lab-tested right quality products on the website. Secondly, they have a vast array of kratom strains to choose from. Once you visit their website, you will come across advertisements for coupon codes and bulk discounts on the top right corner. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to this website to avail of massive discounts.

Kraken Kratom

This company holds a positive reputation in the minds of kratom fans all across the globe. Traditionally they would ship in specific countries, but now they ship kratom products to different countries in the world. If you order using bitcoin, you become eligible for a 10% discount. Secondly, by paying in the digital currency, you also become a part of their online club that provides whopping discounts to customers. It is very simple to avail discount; all you have to do is choose payment in bitcoin while proceeding to check out. Therefore, Kraken Kratom is a suitable vendor if you want to pay online via cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.

The Golden Monk

If you want to buy kratom of the finest quality online, head over to The Golden Monk. This company has been serving customers for more than a decade and is liked by customers because of their versatility. Apart from selling a vast array of kratom strains, you will also come across multiple payment options on this website. You can easily pay through bitcoin and avail a 10% discount. You will be intrigued to know that they have a special spin wheel that provides up to a 10% discount to the customers. However, this percentage varies according to the number of visits you pay to the website. The Golden Monk has a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. Just before you check out, choose the mode of payment and easily pay via cryptocurrency.

Though there are other vendors as well, the ones mentioned above have joined the crypto bandwagon and are successfully serving many customers. Hadn’t it been for cryptocurrency, online payments would have never been this fast.

Scott Cook

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