Margin trading, copy trading, & more: The top 5 reasons to choose PrimeXBT!

PrimeXBT continues to grow in popularity and gain market share across the crypto and finance industries. But how exactly has the award-winning margin trading platform built such a loyal user base and positive reputation in such a short time? 

Here is a closer look at the top five reasons traders choose PrimeXBT. 

The Top Five Reasons To Choose PrimeXBT

Margin Trading

As a margin trading platform at its heart, the top five list starts there. Notably, the platform offers long and short positions with leverage on today’s hottest global markets. Trading instruments include Bitcoin, gold, oil, Nasdaq, JPYUSD, and dozens of others. Over 100 different assets are covered across crypto, forex, stock indices, and commodities. 

Create a complex portfolio of uncorrelated assets or hedge spot positions during a bear market — PrimeXBT provides unparalleled flexibility under just one roof. Risk management tools and built-in technical analysis software give traders a necessary edge.  

Copy Trading

Copy trading is the key to unlocking substantial ROI without all the effort involved in margin trading. At the center of the peer-to-peer copy trading community is a transparent leaderboard that tracks all the trading performance data of accounts called strategy managers. 

Followers can follow any top-ranked strategy managers ranked within the leaderboards to copy their trades automatically. The platform’s highest-performing traders show as much as 4,000% in total profits. Simply click follow, and start earning from the experts. Strategy managers also earn a profit share from followers’ copied trades, making the experience lucrative for everyone involved.

Free Education

Ask any of the greatest investors of all time, and they’ll agree: one of the best investments you can make is in yourself via education. A solid knowledge foundation can reduce traders’ losses when they first begin. Advancing education ensures skills are constantly improving for intermediate traders to pros.

Education often comes with a price, but at the PrimeXBT Trading Academy, all educational videos, webinars, tips, and more are completely free for all users. The educational website is created by PrimeXBT Head of Trading Education Dirk Hartig, who has more than 20 years of experience trading commodities, stock, forex, and crypto.

Weekly Competitions

Keeping up with the competitive nature of many of PrimeXBT’s products, the Contests platform invites users to join in weekly risk-free trading competitions for a chance to win crypto-based prizes to use as trading capital. New competitions are regularly being introduced, and the company will occasionally announce a bug bounty contest to test new product features before an official launch. 

The no-risk virtual funds offered by the Contests platform also allow traders to practice trading or backtest trading system performance without fearing losing money. Taking the risk of losing out of the equation makes PrimeXBT Contests much more fun.

Industry Recognition

Safety and reliability are among the chief reasons the platform has been recognized repeatedly with industry accolades and awards. PrimeXBT is an ADVFN International Finance Award winner for a breakthrough in crypto trading and a three-time Forex Award winner. Earning individual honors across categories like Best Crypto Trading App, Best Platform For Margin Trading, and Best Cryptocurrency And Forex Broker.

PrimeXBT’s proprietary cold storage solution has prevented platform hacks, keeping customer funds safe and secure. While other cryptocurrency platforms collapsed, the platform’s proven reputation throughout last year prompted Crypto Expo Dubai to call PrimeXBT the Most Trusted Crypto Asset Trading Platform of 2022.


The list could continue, and new features are being released regularly. According to a recent blog post, PrimeXBT is close to launching a new Crypto Futures platform. Before the tool goes public, users can test the platform via PrimeXBT Contests. Visit Contests in the PrimeXBT account dashboard and locate the $100,000 Bug Bounty Contest entry link. Join the trading competition for a chance to win a portion of the prize pool.

Make a deposit today in BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, or other popular cryptocurrencies, and use the assets as collateral to access the many products and services mentioned above. Don’t have crypto? Buy some from PrimeXBT and load up a secure cryptocurrency wallet. Everything a trader could need is under one roof and available 24/7 via the desktop or award-winning mobile app. Try PrimeXBT trading solutions today.

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