The Tron’s Network Now Harbors 577 DApps

Tron network has just received another boost in its capacity with eight (8) new decentralized applications (DApps) coming onboard. Tron has undergone some golden days, but the recent circumstances are not quite promising with the virtual currency priced at $0.018199.

The decentralized blockchain platform receives another edge with 8 new decentralized applications making the total count of the applications 577 now. Tron aims to create a content-based digital entertainment system that works free of cost anywhere in the world. It relies upon a distributed framework for storage & enables quick and affordable sharing of the digitally acceptable content.

Started in September of 2017 under a non-profit firm based out of Singapore, the firm is now headed by Justin Sun with a dedicated development team for in-house operations that consists of good technology stalwarts.

Tron Foundation nurtures other plans to foster blockchain along with its implementation, to be carried out under a standard method that all industry players are employing.

The firm, Sun Network was reported to aid the leveraging of blockchain through enhanced scalability in supporting the under development DApps (decentralized apps) that can garner people in understanding Tron Foundation’s potential in the blockchain industry.

But Sun Network is not designated to be implemented under the primary net. Although, the execution of sub-chains can be done on the advanced grids that enable channeling profits for the main net while the process continues.

Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Group, seems to be smiling at this feat right this very moment for his dream that has been manifested into a reality.

The launch of the apps has reported having boosted TRX’s volume by 30% when looked at the numbers from last week.  The twitter page of the company has recently been updated with the news:

Along with this, over a thousand smart contracts are initiated. Now Tron’s day volume amounts to a big 102,795,283 TRX, whereas the other currencies like EOS & ETH had respective volumes amount at 53,005,152 and 52,877,049, almost half as compared to Tron’s.


Although the user stats seem to have caught on an abrupt behavior which is unlikely with the volume of cashed coins in crypto within just a week’s time, first on the list was EOS that summed up a volume of 980,267 users. Tron came at the 2nd number with 238,910 users whereas ETH was at third with a number of users at 130,122 counts who did transactions in the set time period.

Even the transaction count flows in a similar nature, with EOS at the list’s top with 25,297,109 transactions. Tron is second with 11,210,734 transactions done, and third is ETH with 381,320 transactions under its reign.

Trevor Holman

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