The Twitter feud between Ripple’s CTO and Craig Wright continues

The argument between Ripple CTO David Schwartz and Craig Wright continues over Twitter. The self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator recently questioned XRP’s performance and utility in a string of tweets.

It all started with David Schwartz questioning Craig’s claims regarding Bitcoin’s utility for institutional investors. Both parties argued over Twitter for a while before Craig started questioning Ripple’s ongoing market standing.

Craig continued this with the latest tweet, where the crypto enthusiast stated, “No more equivocation from Ripple.” The Australian scientist questioned the claim that banks are using blockchain products. If Ripple claims to have a solution, they should showcase evidence first, said Craig.

The scientist went on to talk about discussing the same with the SBI chairman. According to Craig, banks do not use Ripple; instead, they hold XRP gifted to them. These institutes have assets on the books but no interest in integrating or selling XRP.

The self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator did not stop there and even challenged David to show any real client using a single real contract. Craig stated that it would be easy to do unless it was all fraudulent. As per the scientist, David is fooling the market by talking about NDA, but in reality, it is an elf riding a unicorn.

These are the obvious reasons for Ripple’s deflection. XRP’s system is not being used, and users reject it globally even if Ripple incentivizes them to utilize it.

On the other hand, a discussion regarding XRP’s buyback has been going on across the market. Jimmy Vallee, the managing director of Valhil Capital, recently stated that Ripple might be worth it if the SEC prosecution was not going on. The director added that the crypto could be purchased if the SEC loses in court.

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