The VeChain Carbon Footprint Tool Improves Pollution Reporting

VeChain’s SaaS platform will empower companies with a solution that can record pollution output and link the data to third-party organizations to verify the reports. As opposed to the questionable measurement techniques available now, by using this new tool, VeChain aims at using blockchain technology for measuring carbon footprint more accurately.

According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Bitcoin can be linked to pollution and crime. Ethereum and Bitcoin are growing concerns due to their pollution quotient, leading to significant political trouble in the industry.

VeChain Foundation has expressed concern about the erroneous reporting of the carbon footprint as there is no independent verification in place. Sources say that there is a prevalent issue of doubt in carbon emissions data and a lack of clarity in the absence of independent reporting.

VeChain will connect and record information using its blockchain and internet-of-things technology at every step in the industry. The carbon footprint of the manufacturer, producer, and the customer will come under the purview with the help of VeChain SaaS. VeChain prediction is poised to revolutionize the way carbon footprint is tracked.

The problem is that consumers are more interested in their Carbon footprints. Elon Musk’s Tesla accepts bitcoins as payment is known. However, the bigger picture in the carbon footprint scene goes missing. With the new VeChain tool, countries like China will come under the scanner with their power-draining crypto mining farms.

Citing Alexandre Gellert Paris, United Nations framework convention on Climate Change representative, VeChain Foundation has mentioned that blockchain can provide better stakeholder transparency and involvement. It can get trust and introduce creative solutions to deal with climate change and thereby increase climate action.

Trevor Holman

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