The YashaDAO Is Looking To Fund DeFi’s High Potential Projects

Despite many cryptocurrencies decreasing in price, there are still thousands of cryptos in existence as of May. Although many of these projects have high potential, they often lack the monetary backing and team experience needed to take them to the next level. As a result, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to dominate the market, leaving smaller projects in the dust. 

YashaDAO is looking to change this by providing smaller projects with the leverage to become a big hit in the industry. They aim to provide funding to projects that have shown great potential, helping them validate their ideas in a community of crypto enthusiasts. Instead of pumping out tokens through the hype, the project team will build an ecosystem of projects with great utility and long-term potential. 

What Is YashaDAO?

YashaDAO is an innovative new project that aims to support new crypto projects. It will do this by connecting high-potential projects with crypto investors, helping them to validate their offers while providing the Yasha community with the market’s best new projects. 

The first feature of YashaDAO is a new DeFi launchpad designed around the community. At the moment, finding the latest crypto project is like finding a needle in a stack of needles. Every project promises to be the next best thing, leaving investors confused and frustrated. Through the YashaPad, investors will be able to choose from a range of community-backed projects. 

Projects are hand-picked by the YashaDAO community and go through an intense vetting system. They’re chosen based on their utility and their potential to impact the future of crypto. By choosing projects this way, investors can be confident all projects released on the YashaPad will be safe and a potentially lucrative investment. 

YashaDAO will unite its community in a decentralized platform that provides value to its community. Once a community member, users will have access to a wide range of benefits. One of the greatest benefits will be the chance to vote in all YashaPAD launches. This will mean they can dictate what projects have potential and what projects are just hype. As a result, the community will be able to control what projects influence the future of DeFi, while creating a safe environment for new investors to get involved in the community. 

YashaDAO will also provide additional support for projects they believe have great potential with their Yasha Incubator. The dev team created the incubator to fund projects that deserve an opportunity to thrive. They believe that many great projects lack the funds to take themselves to the next level. By providing these funds, Yasha can kick-start their growth while providing expert guidance to manage their growth. 

Creating A Validation Community 

By providing projects with the chance to thrive, the YashaDAO team believes they can create a community that will validate the future of DeFi projects. Instead of focusing solely on hype, the team aims to build an ecosystem of projects with great utility and potential. The projects with the greatest utility will be consistently praised by the community, consisting of over 2000 unique token holders. 

The team themselves are also crypto experts with years of experience in the DeFi community. Together these two parties can create a community that validates upcoming projects and, in the process, makes the world of crypto a safer, more promising place. 

What Can We Expect From YashaDAO?

One of the standout features of Yasha is the two-way benefit it creates for both projects and investors. Projects have the opportunity to validate their offering on a smaller scale before any big marketing campaigns. At the same time, investors create a safe community where they can choose from hand-picked projects to invest in. 

The team has already shown their potential with the success of 6 projects, and they’re only just getting started. As their community grows, so will their ability to validate and support future projects. In the future, it’s possible that YashaDAO will validate many of the household names we see in DeFi.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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