OpenSea Investigates Theft of High-Profile Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-fungible tokens belong to the creator. They are handed over to the buyer or collector after they purchase the NFTs from an authorized platform. Anything that happens in another way is unoriginal and probably a theft.

OpenSea, the largest non-fungible tokens marketplace, is now investigating the theft of high-profile non-fungible tokens.

OpenSea’s Investigation And Finding

OpenSea has attributed the theft of high-profile non-fungible tokens to a phishing attack. The marketplace is, however, still trying to determine exactly how the digital artworks were stolen.

The theft is expected to have claimed around 32 victims. The number is based on users who reached out to OpenSea and reported the theft.

According to reports, the public value of stolen non-fungible tokens is somewhere around $3 million as of February 19, 2022. The person who has stolen these non-fungible tokens now represents the ownership of those digital content.

OpenSea posted a tweet to share the update with its users and followers. The tweet said that the theft appeared to be a phishing attack that originated outside the official website of the marketplace. OpenSea has asked users not to click on any link other than the official link of the NFT marketplace.

It added that the team was investigating the rumors that were associated with the exploitation of OpenSea smart contracts.

Devin Finzer, the Chief Executive Officer of OpenSea, assured users that a case of non-fungible tokens theft was being investigated. He published a tweet from his personal Twitter account to say that the marketplace was actively working on the case.

He added that OpenSea has been able to narrow down to a few websites that could be responsible for collecting malicious signatures.

So far, the investigation has ruled out the possible involvement of a recent email, the official website, a new smart contract, and a list of migration tools. Devin Finzer clarified that the rumor of $200 million theft was fake as the attacker appears to have only $1.7 million worth of ETH after selling some of the non-fungible tokens.

The Chief Executive Officer of OpenSea thanked the users who came out to connect with the marketplace over calls to report the case of theft of non-fungible tokens.

Etherscan, also known as the Ethereum blockchain explorer, has flagged an account that appears to be connected with the case of theft. The account that has been flagged goes by the public name of Fake_Phishing5169.

OpenSea and Devin Finzer continue to share updates of the investigation on Twitter through their respective accounts.

Any collector who is worried about his or her non-fungible token being stolen has an option of revoking access to their digital content via Etherscan.

A warning asking users not to click on any link outside of has also been put up on the website.

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