Theta Develops a P2P Network for E-Sports Video Streaming

The latest developmental plan illustrated and curated by the blockchain firm Theta is its peer-to-peer (P2P) video streaming services for online sports. The blockchain network currently has a user base of 1 million on retainer that trades additional bandwidth. Theta’s exchange rate has accelerated to $6 million in profits following the assembling of users and Theta prediction, which has been more than 300% in 2021. These momentous trading records have branded the blockchain network to be in the most eminent crypto tokens list.

Theta’s users will be rendered with exciting profits while viewing digital gaming live events they are authorized to share with others user-owned bandwidth to credit TFuel tokens. Users who are passionate viewers can earn profits from $5 to $10 periodically every month.

This revolutionary method of exchange will change the game in the cryptocurrency realm for the better. The time count invested on the decentralized streaming network will render magnanimous profits and be scaled further by Theta.

The blockchain network, Theta, is continuously advancing its varied selection of grants to its users. Theta is also exploring Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) offerings, a traditional online language listed on blockchain networks. Keeping the progressive momentum in retrospect, Theta has introduced Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications that will permit their user base to withdraw, deposit, and perform p2p crypto exchanges. Additionally, trading blockchain networks such as Uniswap and Compound will be authorized on the Theta network without any system modification.

Popular music artist Katy Perry also steps in to grant users leverage by a stake in the Theta network with a confidential agreement. Perry has agreed to authorize NFT’s of her music events through the Theta network.

Eminent enterprises such as the multinational conglomerate Samsung and the prominent media firm Sony Group Corp. are business leaders that are financing and supporting the new project plans by Theta. Sony also finances tokens to assist in authenticating exchanges that conceptualize modish blocks on the blockchain ecosystem. This resulted in Sony crediting TFuel profits amounting to $2 million.

The crypto-token TFuel is currently at a profitable valuation and has grown from 4 cents from its inception into the blockchain realm to a $6 exchange value in a one-year time frame.

Scott Cook

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